Civic Responsibility Award Form

Civic Responsibility Award
The AMS Civic Responsibility Award shall be awarded annually to a Queen’s undergraduate student who has made a significant and impactful contribution to the Kingston community through ongoing volunteer efforts.

The volunteer work in consideration must not have been performed as an academic requirement.

Nominations may come from students, faculty, staff, or community members. Only one nominator is required.
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Nominators shall submit a written response to each of the following questions (max. 250 words per response):
1. Describe the nominee’s work in the Kingston community (organization/groups, length of commitments, responsibilities, etc.) and the impact that the volunteer work had. *
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2. What sets this nominee’s volunteer work apart from other work that is done in the community? *
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3. What motivated this nominee to make a significant impact on the Kingston community? *
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4. How does this nominee engage and inspire others to give back to their local community? *
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