Welcome to your plan!

To help students pay for the health services they need, a collective health and dental plan has been put in place by your student association. This group Plan is unique in that it helps fill the gaps in provincial health care, while offering coverage that is competitively priced. The coverage includes health, dental, vision, and travel benefits. It covers the unexpected and provides you with preventive care services to keep you in good health.

Since its inception, the Plan has saved its members millions of dollars and has helped thousands of students. As a full-time undergraduate student at Queen’s University and a member of the Alma Mater Society (AMS), you’re automatically covered by the AMS Health & Dental Plan. To minimize paper use and its impact on the environment, this document provides a basic outline of the coverage available to you through your student Plan. A complete list of benefits and details is available at www.studentcare.ca.

Best of luck for a safe and healthy year.

Auston Pierce, Jessica Dahanayake, William Greene

AMS Executive



Once your opt-out is processed, your health and dental fees will be adjusted on your SOLUS account.

Opt Out of Health and Dental Plan

Self Enrollment

For self-enrollment, go to studentcare.ca and choose the enrollment form in Download Centre. Payment is to be sent directly to StudentCare Networks.

Forms & Information

For all information regarding the Health and Dental Plan please visit studentcare.ca and search Queen’s University.

Group Name: AMS Health & Dental Plan
Group Number: 22275
Insurance Company (Health & Dental Benefits): Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (Sun Life)
Group Number (Travel Benefits): 97180

All of this information can be found on the sticker located on the back of a student card. 

Please note: All travel benefits are administered by Blue Cross, and the AMS Group Number is 97180. Please be aware that it is important to contact Blue Cross before you travel. This notification ensures that you are aware of what to do in the event of an accident, and you can check to see if there are any additional requirements. For example, a notification letter of intent may be needed. Please speak to your plan provider, Studentcare Networks (1-877-795-4420), about your travel plans and they can ensure you have covered off all requirements, including the communications with Blue Cross.

The cost of the plan is a part of your AMS student fees for all full time undergraduate students. If you don’t need the plan, you can opt-out during the opt-out period from September 3rd to September 30 by providing alternate proof of coverage. 

The full-year coverage costs and breakdown for 2019-2020:

  • Dental plan: $154.50
  • Dental plan admin fee: $5.04
  • Health plan: $144.00
  • Health plan admin fee: $5.04

Plan Benefits

You’re covered for the insured portion of your Plan regardless of the health practitioner you choose. However, by consulting a Network member, you’ll get additional coverage and keep more money in your pocket. Visit www.studentcare.ca to find a practitioner.

ClearlyContacts.ca is Canada’s largest online retailer of contact lenses and eyeglasses. As a Health Plan member, you can say goodbye to headaches and eye strain by receiving an additional 10% off selling prices—just visit www.clearlycontacts.ca and enter coupon code STUDENTCARE2 at checkout.
When visiting an optometrist or an optician who is part of the Vision Network, you save at least 30% on prescription eyeglasses. By combining these savings with your Plan’s insured coverage of $75 for eyeglasses, you can save up to $150. Vision Network members also offer savings on the cost of eye exams and contact lenses.
Your Plan covers the cost of eye exams, new or replacement eyeglasses or contact lenses, and laser eye surgery. You can also get additional coverage through the Studentcare Vision Network.
$75 per 2 policy years for eye exams
$150 per 24 months for new or replacement eyeglasses or contact lenses
$150 per policy year for laser eye surgery
LASIK MD offers a discount of $50 per eye on Standard LASIK and $100 per eye on Advanced Custom Wavefront. This is in addition to the $150 covered by your Plan for laser eye surgery. Student financing plan now available. For more information, visit www.lasikmd.com/ihaveaplan.
You have access to preventive care with a plan that offers up to $750.00 coverage for dental visits per policy year. Your plan covers 70% to 80% of your dental costs. You can also get additional savings through the Student Care Dental Network.
Prescription drugs & vaccinations: 80%, up to $3,000 per policy year. The dispensing fee is limited to $7 per prescription or refill.
Health practitioners:

100%, up to $750 per policy year
Maximum of $30 per visit and up to $400 per policy year
Massage Therapists
Maximum of $30 per visit and up to $400 per policy year
 Registered Dietitians
Maximum of $30 per visit and up to $400 per policy year
60%, up to $400 per policy year
Maximum of $30 per visit and up to $400 per policy year
60%, up to $400 per policy year
 Speech Therapists
Maximum of $30 per visit and up to $400 per policy year
Maximum of $30 per visit and up to $400 per policy year
 Athletic Therapists
Maximum of $30 per visit and up to $400 per policy year

• Health benefits (accident only): Medical equipment, dental accident, ambulance, home nurse, hospitalization
• Other health benefits: Diagnostic services, tutorial benefit, and more…
Your Health Plan covers up to $10,000 in health-care coverage per policy year. For a list of health practitioners covered by the Plan, and a complete list of benefits and details, visit studentcare.ca

You are covered for up to 120 days per trip and up to a maximum of $5,000,000 per incident. Travel health coverage includes hospital, physician, and other services for emergency treatment of an injury or illness while travelling outside of the province in which you reside (including international travel). Please note that travel health coverage does not apply to international students travelling to their home country.
Trip cancellation: up to $1,500 per trip for pre-paid, non-refundable trip expenses in case of a medical emergency.
Trip interruption: up to $5,000 in case of a medical emergency for each trip you take during the policy year.
Exchange/internship students: students who are leaving on a recognized academic exchange or who are participating in an internship as part of their studies can benefit from travel health coverage for the duration of the exchange or internship, as well as for the first 120 days of their trip and for 120 days after the end of their exchange or internship as long as they remain covered for the applicable policy years. You must notify studentcare.net/works before leaving on an exchange.
Anywhere in the world: in addition to travel health coverage, your health and dental benefits can be used anywhere in the world.
Before leaving: if you’re planning to travel, download a Travel Information Brochure at www.studentcare.ca for complete details on benefits, coverage, and telephone numbers for emergency assistance.
Similar travel plans can cost over $500. Visit www.studentcare.ca/travel to compare.


Important changes to OHIP+ starting April 1, 2019!

Ontario residents 24 and under with access to a private plan that covers prescription drugs, including student plans, will no longer be eligible for OHIP+. Prescription drug claims incurred on or after April 1, 2019 must be submitted directly through your student Health Plan, as they were prior to the introduction of OHIP+. Use your Pay-Direct Card or keep your receipts and submit them for reimbursement by the insurer.

Your spouse and dependants who are 24 and under may still be eligible for OHIP+:

  • if they have OHIP;
  • if they are not enrolled in the student Health Plan for coverage until Aug. 31, 2019;


  • if they are not covered by another private plan (e.g. through an employer).

Your student Health & Dental Plan may provide better value:

  • Being enrolled as a dependant in a parent or spouse’s employee benefit plan often requires your family member to pay additional costs to have you covered.
  • Coverage under most parents’ plans ceases once you are no longer a full-time student or when you turn 26.
  • Most private plans offer limited to no travel coverage.Your student Plan covers you for 120 days per trip and includes coverage for trip cancellation and trip interruption. Similar travel plans can cost over $500.
  • Most plans also have limited vision coverage and don’t cover vaccinations, which may be mandatory for your academic program.
  • You may wish to check your current coverage. By combining both plans, you can maximize your overall coverage—up to 100%—and eliminate out-of-pocket costs!

The AMS Health & Dental Plan is a mandatory student fee unless you are covered by another plan


The Member Services Centre is there to assist you. Give them a call at 1-877-795-4420 if you would like more information on combining plans or consult their website at studentcare.ca