Bus-It Program


In 1973, the AMS identified a growing need for student access to Transit and brought the Bus-It program to all Queen’s students!

The Bus-It program provides full-time students with unlimited access to Kingston Transit bus services for a full twelve months, from September to the following summer. Kingston Transit runs a variety of routes throughout the city. The routes that run through campus are Route 2 , Route 6, Route E6, Route 18, and Route 20, all of which easily connect to several other routes that can take you anywhere in Kingston! The Bus-It Program is funded by a mandatory student fee of $90.00 – compare this annual fee to the monthly cost of a bus pass ($72.00 for adults and $53.50 for youth per month) and you’re saving a lot of money!

How do I use the Bus-It Program?

The 2017-2018 Bus-It Program will begin on September 1st. Students who have paid their tuition by September 1st (or who have made alternative plans with the Registrar’s Office) and will be assessed student activity fees (essentially, all full-time students) will receive a red validation sticker on their student card. Students must show their student card and this validation sticker to the bus driver at the beginning of their trip and at any transfers.

If you are not paying mandatory student activity fees (if you are a part-time student), you will receive a yellow sticker on your student card and you will not be able to use the Bus-It Program. Students have the option of opting in to student activity fees (contact the Registrar’s Office, Records and Services to do so) or purchasing a transit pass from Kingston Transit.

To find out when to get your student card validated and for more information on your student card generally, please go to the Registrar Office’s student card webpage