The AMS is not responsible for the development or implementation of the University District Safety Initiative or Nuisance Party By-law. We are here to help inform students, so that they are aware of how these changes in law enforcement apply to them.

The way in which the City of Kingston and Queen’s University will address unsanctioned parties throughout the year has changed. With the introduction of the University District Safety Initiative, which applies only during Orientation week, Homecoming Weekend, and St. Patrick’s Day, if you are charged for any Nuisance Party By-law, Liquor License Act, or Noise By-law offence, you will be issued a Part 1 Summons, requiring you to appear in court before a Justice of the Peace in a Kingston Court. If you are charged under any of these offences, you will not have the opportunity to pay by mail, online, or any other way. A lawyer or another person can appear as agent on behalf of the accused. This applies to all ticketed persons, regardless of where they are from (London, Toronto, etc.), so make sure to tell your friends! After appearing in court, the names of those ticketed will be accessed by Queen’s, enabling the University to review the behavior of those students ticketed, and possibly subject them to Non-Academic-Misconduct. This charge will not simply disappear if you ignore it. If you are issued a Part 1 Summons be sure to act in accordance with the law. Make sure that you know the facts and party safe!

University District Safety Initiative

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Nuisance Party By-law

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Both the University District Safety Initiative and the Nuisance Party By-Law may result in serious fines.

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