A new budget, approved by the AMS Board of Directors (BoD), is created for the AMS every year. Commissioners, Officers, and Service Managers all work with the AMS Executive to draft their budgets. These budgets are edited and consolidated over the summer, and then approved by AMS Assembly at the Special Corporate General Meeting in the fall. An additional CGM occurs immediately before the Annual General Meeting in the spring. At this CGM, Directors are elected to the Board of Directors. The AMS BoD oversees all matters of AMS Corporate and capital expenditures throughout the year between CGMs. The CGMs and Board Meetings are scheduled by the Chair of the Board of Directors, who can be reached at if you have any questions on this process.

Any questions can be directed to the Vice-President of Operations at

Annual Report

The Annual Report is a detailed document that exists as an historical record of AMS accomplishments and developments over the course of one year. To access the most recent and previous Annual Reports, please click on the links below.