Please remember that you must have paid your AMS membership fee to be eligible to run for an AMS position or vote in AMS elections.

What to expect on the ballot:

  • Faculty Society Elections
  • Student Fee Questions

The election period is comprised of four parts – Nominations, Validation by AMS Assembly, Campaigning and Voting.

The designated Nomination period for Fall Referendum, starts October 2 and ends October 7 at noon. The procedure for obtaining a validation report and nomination package are outlined in the Elections and Referenda Validation and Nominations Procedure. Should you have any questions as to this process or these recent changes, please contact ceo@ams.queensu.ca.

Nomination requirements are set out in AMS Elections and Referenda Policy. They will be outlined in the nomination packages available in October.

  • Questions on a referenda ballot require signatures of 2% of AMS students

The successful groups in the nomination period proceed to the next step, validation at AMS Assembly.  Validation at AMS Assembly enables successful candidates and groups to appear on the ballot. It is recommended that all candidates attend AMS Assembly on the evening of October 10 at Macdonald Hall (001) to engage in discussion and respond to any questions brought forth by AMS Assembly members. The candidates and groups that are approved by AMS Assembly at the October 10 meeting are officially on the elections ballot, regardless if they perform a campaign or not.

The fall campaign period is from October 14 to October 21. Voting occurs on October 22 and 23.  At this time candidates and groups can put posters up around campus, perform class talks, and promote their platforms. There are rules and regulations surrounding this period which are outlined in the AMS Elections and Referenda Policy and will be made known throughout meetings in October. Violation of these rules may result in penalties or disqualification.