AMS members (that is, all undergraduate and MBA students that pay the AMS student fee) can vote and run for the positions of AMS Executive, Rector, Trustee and other faculty society elections, as well as vote in referenda.

Please remember that you must have paid your AMS membership fee to be eligible to run for an AMS position or vote in AMS elections.

AMS Executive
AMS Executive teams run as a slate of three, consisting of a President, Vice-President (Operations) & CEO and Vice-President (University Affairs).  The AMS Executive may only serve one year in office, starting on May 1 in the year of their election.  This election occurs every January.

Undergraduate Student Trustee
The Undergraduate Student Trustee is an individual elected to serve for two years.  This election occurs in January.

Other Faculty Society Elections
Each of the 9 AMS Faculty Societies have their own rules and regulations for elections.  They may operate on the same timeline as AMS elections, or stagger from them.  For more information on faculty-specific inquiries, contact members of said faculty society.

The Rector election normally occurs during the fall term but is subject to change at the discretion of the incumbent Rector.  The Rector is elected to serve a three year term and may be a member of the AMS or SGPS (Society of Graduate & Professional Studies), making it the largest campus-wide election. For more information please visit: http://www.queensu.ca/rector/index.html

For more information on eligibility, see the AMS Elections and Referenda Policy