Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of The Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University Inc. is comprised of six student directors, three non-student directors, and the three members of the AMS Executive. In addition to these twelve voting members, the AMS General Manager and the three AMS corporate Service Directors sit on the board but do not have a vote. The Chair and Vice Chair of the Board are elected by the voting members of the Board at an organizational meeting that occurs annually. The Chair of the Board sits on AMS Assembly in an ex-officio capacity and serves as a liaison between the corporation’s Board and its shareholders.
The Board of Directors fulfills three distinct roles within the organization of the Alma Mater Society; strategic guidance, financial accountability, and human resources support. In the strategic guidance role, the Board provides oversight of the business planning process, ensuring that the organization is adhering to its long-term business and financial objectives. The financial role of the Board is fulfilled by monitoring the fiscal management of the Society and ensuring its sustained financial viability. To this end, the Board approves all budgets and capital expenditures. Finally, the role of the Board concerning human resources is derived from the board’s exclusive jurisdiction over all AMS policy concerning personnel that receive remuneration for the involvement with the Society.
The Board of Directors is elected annually by the members of the corporation (incoming and outgoing members of AMS Assembly) at the Corporate General Meeting in Spring. Those interested in applying to run for a position on the Board are encouraged to contact the Chair.
The Board of Directors generally meet in the Queen’s Centre. However, the meetings are closed and AMS Members cannot attend regular meetings but can attend the Corporate Special General Meeting in the fall and the Corporate General Meeting in the winter.
The Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University Inc. is a not-for-profit entity created by the Society for the purpose of ensuring its continuing financial viability by overseeing the management of its services and associated financial affairs. The Corporation is bound to its by-laws and its corporate philosophy is derivative of the Mission and Operating statements of the Society as set out in the AMS Constitution. As such, the AMS is required to have a Board of Directors to guide the strategic direction and long-term viability of the corporation.