Governance Documents

On this page you will find documents that govern the AMS in its day-to-day functions.

Government Policies

The AMS Constitution is the primary governing document of the Society. It contains both the AMS mission and operating statements and broadly delineates the fundamental principles by which the Society is governed. Any part, section, subsection or paragraph of the constitution may only be amended following two readings held at two separate regular meetings of the Assembly. Proper notice of such a motion to amend must to be given to the Secretary. Amendments may also occur at a Society Annual Meeting (where every AMS undergraduate student may vote) or at a Society Special General Meeting.

The AMS Assembly also presides over the Society policy documents and has full power, within the confines of the AMS Constitution, to create, alter and/or terminate any policy documents; and to deal with any reports, recommendations and/or conclusions of any groups, committees and organizations which fall within its purview. In effect, the Assembly acts as the legislative branch of the Queen’s undergraduate student government.

The AMS Assembly has authority over the following Society governance documents:

Corporate Policies

The affairs of the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University Inc., incorporated under the Corporations Act of Ontario, are governed by the By-Laws of the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University. The By-Laws may be amended at any single meeting of the Board of Directors and any such amendment shall take effect immediately. However, all such amendments shall cease to take effect unless confirmed at the next Corporation Special General meeting (usually in late October or early November) or Corporation Annual meeting (usually held in mid-March). The By-Laws may also be amended at either of these meetings. The voting members of Assembly are also defined as the voting members of the corporation, and thus act as voting “shareholders” of the corporation at the two annual corporate meetings.

The Board of Directors also administers its own policy manual. Included in this document are Board operating procedures, AMS corporate service-specific policies, accounting and finance policies, and basic corporate philosophy. The Board may amend this document at any one of its meetings.

The Board of Directors has authority over the following governance documents: