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Academic Affairs Commission

Academic Affairs Commission (AAC)

The AAC deals with issues related to the educational quality, teaching excellence, and financial accessibility of a Queen’s education. Click here to see positions in the AAC!
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Campus Activities Commission

Campus Activities Commission (CAC)

The CAC is responsible for organizing events that promote school spirit and enhance student life. The Commission also has a significant role in preserving and facilitating the Queen’s tradition of student-run orientation. Click here to see positions in the CAC!
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Commission of Environmental Affairs

Commission of Environmental Affairs (CEA)

The CEA works to create a culture of sustainability and environmental consciousness within the AMS and the broader Queen’s community. Click here to see positions in the CEA!
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The Secretariat

The Secretariat

The Secretariat facilitates the operation of the rules and policies of the AMS as they guide the direction of the Society as a whole. The Secretariat oversees all matters concerning AMS Assembly, elections and referenda. Click here to see positions in the Secretariat!
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Municipal Affairs Commission

Municipal Affairs Commission (MAC)

The MAC is responsible for external advocacy on behalf of students to the City of Kingston as well as facilitating internal programming and resources that connect Queen’s students to the Kingston community. Click here to see positions in the MAC!
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Social Issues Commission

Social Issues Commission (SIC)

The SIC facilitates dialogue, education, and engagement on all matters related to equity, identity, and anti-oppression. The SIC strives to foster a safer space for all students, to connect students with resources, and to engage with and promote social justice and human rights issues on campus. Click here to see positions in the SIC!
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Studio Q

Studio Q

Studio Q is a student-run creative agency and specializes in the areas of video, design, photography, publications, and broadcasting. Click here to apply to be a volunteer with Studio Q!
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AMS Offices

Human Resources and Marketing & Communications

Both of these Offices are led by full-time salaried staff who are also students and are responsible for managing all Human Resources operations and all Marketing & Communications operations for the Society, respectively. Click here to see volunteer opportunities!