AMS Board of Directors

April 2, the AMS Board of Directors elected their new Chair and Vice Chair! Read on to learn more about the Board as well as our newly elected Chairs! Name: Quinn Giordano Position: Incoming Chair of the AMS Board of Directors Year: 3rd Program: Political Studies Name: Georgie Giannopolous Position: Incoming [...]

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This one’s for the teachers

This week we're posting in honour of our great teachers. They engage us, they challenge us and they push us to extend our intellectual conclusions. We should feel inspired to take a minute and stop to really appreciate the academia that encapsulates our Queen's experience. Check out below some highlights from AMS Academic Affairs Commissioner, [...]

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By Students, For Students

Every time you grab a chai latte from Cogro for your 8:30am class, catch up with friends over a plate of nachos at QP, buy a bus ticket from Tricolour Outlet, or print an essay at P&CC you spent all night working on, your dollars are going right to your classmates and friends here at Queen's. Every student service [...]

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Looking to Get Involved

Are you looking to get involved next year? When you think about the upcoming year, you start to realize that it might be fun to find a way to get connected to your school that goes a little more in depth than simply visiting the ARC. Whether you're interested in social issues, marketing, or are [...]

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