7 Things you should know when applying for an AMS Salaried Job

So you're interested in working for the AMS? Check out the 7 tips below to submit the best application possible and get ready for the interview! 1. GO TO THE INFO SESSIONS-- Monday January 18 and Thursday January 28. Learn more about the different positions available and meet current salaried staff!   2. You should DEFINITELY [...]

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By Students, For Students

Every time you grab a chai latte from Cogro for your 8:30am class, catch up with friends over a plate of nachos at QP, buy a bus ticket from Tricolour Outlet, or print an essay at P&CC you spent all night working on, your dollars are going right to your classmates and friends here at Queen's. Every student service [...]

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The Dietary Restriction Guide to Eating on Campus

When you’re having a hectic day on campus, finding time to eat healthy food can often be a struggle, especially if you have dietary restrictions or food allergies. Many Queen’s students follow vegetarian and gluten-free diets, so to help you find healthy, affordable (and tasty!) food options, we surveyed some of campus’ most popular food [...]

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