10 More Reasons to Submit your Application Today

Council (full-time salaried positions) applications are due today at 4pm! If you're still on the fence about applying, we wanted to give you a few more reasons to encourage you to submit your application for one (or more!) of these positions. Any one of these individuals would love to talk to you more about what they [...]

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7 Things you should know when applying for an AMS Salaried Job

So you're interested in working for the AMS? Check out the 7 tips below to submit the best application possible and get ready for the interview! 1. GO TO THE INFO SESSIONS-- Monday January 18 and Thursday January 28. Learn more about the different positions available and meet current salaried staff!   2. You should DEFINITELY [...]

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The Face Behind the Academic Grievance Centre Director

Check out our profile on AMS Academic Grievance Centre Director, Kate Fedchun, for an insight on her job and experience thus far. Kate Fedchun is a fourth year student in Arts and Science majoring in Sociology and minoring in Philosophy. The deadline for Chief Returning Officer, as well as other positions including deputies, coordinators and directors, are due [...]

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The Face Behind the Chief Returning Officer

Interesting in applying for an AMS position for the 2015-2015 school year? This week we have profiled AMS Chief Returning Officer, Tyler Lively, for an insight on his job and experience thus far. Getting involved can give you invaluable experience that can be applied to future jobs and leave you with many lasting memories! The [...]

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What is the Undergraduate Student Trustee?

Given the unique nature of this year’s AMS executive elections, there is an opportunity to focus on the other election going on right now – the one for your next Undergraduate Student Trustee. But what is this position? What do they do? Here are 11 things you may not know about the Undergraduate Student Trustee! [...]

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Shaping the future of the JDUC

The John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC) has always been a communal space for students, offering a multitude of space to catch up with friends; study or read on the couches; attend club meetings or utilize one of the many student services housed in the building. You may have been hearing about a plan to revitalize or renovate the [...]

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One Step of the Journey

Are you spending more time sitting at a desk than snuggling up to your duvet? Living off any caffeine you can find, rather than savouring your favourite warm drink? Has your Netflix routine been replaced with online databases or textbooks? Well if this is the case, then you've found yourself in the good ol' thick [...]

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Exam Resource: 1st Year Tips

This week we've got a special feature from one of the AMS First Year Interns! This post will offer some advice to our first year students. Beginning your first set of university exams can be an intimidating experience, so we thought we would give some advice to try and ease your stress. Below are some links [...]

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Finding the Positives of Cold Weather

I think we all can agree that this onset of winter is far too early and bitter considering we're only halfway through November! Who has time to dig out their winter wear when venturing into the Arctic tundra that is campus, with all the papers, projects, meetings and studying on the horizon? If last winter [...]

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Your Midterm Halloween Helper

Has midterm season got you down leaving no time for you to get into the spirit of Halloween? Well rest assured we've got some resources below to help with your last minute costume efforts and transition you from a world of grades and stress to one of ghouls and spook! Combatting Costume Woes Audrey's Costume [...]

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