Make Your Homecoming Tradition

The ReUnion Street Festival was the epitome of what Homecoming is all about: spirit, community, and tricolour pride. Students and alumni were offered a venue to come together in celebration of their alma mater and Gaels of all ages attended the event to toast the place where it all began. At a meeting between the AMS and [...]

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Queen’s University Announces A New Mascot

Queen’s University and the AMS are proud to announce that after months of deliberation and consultation Queen’s has decided to replace Boohoo the bear as the official mascot! The decision to adopt a new mascot came shortly after university administrators and the AMS were informed that Boohoo was not, in fact, a real bear. We [...]

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Homecoming: Its Return & Your Thoughts

If you haven’t already seen it, check out our homecoming video.  This video was released as engineers kicked their GPAs in front of the JDUC, and a bagpipe played in the background. In other words, an awesome morning at Queen’s. After months of deliberation and nearly four years since our last fall reunion weekend, Principal [...]

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Fraternities & Sororities at Queen’s: Your Thoughts

In the early 1930s the AMS and the University banned fraternities and sororities on campus. This ban, which is reflected in AMS Constitution Section 7, precludes AMS members from “be[ing] an active member of any fraternity or sorority, that is, any organization composed of students and former students which has a secret oath, constitution or [...]

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The Many Memes of Queen’s

Some sassy, many awesome, here are some memes from the last year at Queen’s. (Aug. 2012, AMS Facebook)  (Via the Queen’s Memes Facebook Page)  (via the Queen’s Memes Facebook Page) “Let us celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday, for obvious reasons. Cha Gheill!”  (May 2012, AMS Facebook)  (via the Queen’s Memes Facebook Page)  (via the Queen’s Memes [...]

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