4 Olympic Themed Foods #AMSnoms

Whether you're throwing an Olympic themed party or watching with friends and family, consider making one of these Olympic themed treats to get yourself in the spirit! #1: Olympic Ring Themed Snacks These are an easy and fun way to add a bit of spirit into your snacks. This is great for University students because [...]

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Best Spots to Study

If lately you've been feeling a sense of dread approaching the towers of Stauffer, you're not alone. Day after day of studying in the same environment can get a bit depressing - and we know, switching to Douglas doesn't really help matters much. If you need a little change from your exam routine, check out [...]

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4 Delicious Treats to Indulge in this Halloween

Remember the excitement you felt when you were little and Halloween rolled around? Yes, getting your costume ready was awesome, but let's get real: the main excitement revolved around more around the treat then the trick. No matter how old you are, this will help you relive some of those glorious food based memories by [...]

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The Dietary Restriction Guide to Eating on Campus

When you’re having a hectic day on campus, finding time to eat healthy food can often be a struggle, especially if you have dietary restrictions or food allergies. Many Queen’s students follow vegetarian and gluten-free diets, so to help you find healthy, affordable (and tasty!) food options, we surveyed some of campus’ most popular food [...]

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5 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes You Can Make At Home

Thanksgiving is typically associated with one thing: food. Sitting around the table and stuffing yourself with so much food you need to lie down doesn't really get old, especially when you've been living off Ramen Noodles and peanut butter for the past month. Instead of making the long commute home, some students will undoubtedly be [...]

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