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The Social Issues Commission (SIC) seeks to facilitate dialogue, education, and engagement on all matters related to equity, identity, and anti-oppression. The SIC strives to foster a safer space for students, to connect students with resources, and to engage with and promote social justice and human rights issues on campus. You can apply to volunteer for any of the services or committees below!

Contact Myriam-Morenike Djossou, the Commissioner of Social Issues if you have any questions!


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Peer Support Centre

The AMS Food Bank serves confidential and non-judgmental food service to members of the Queen’s community to ensure they can be healthy and productive as they pursue academic achievement. Volunteers are responsible for staffing the food bank, as well as coordinating marketing, outreach, and fundraising events.


The Peer Support Centre is a student-run service that strives to provide a comfortable environment for students and enhance their well-being. Student volunteers provide welcoming, confidential, and empathetic peer-based support using active listening, resource referral, information guidance, and practical assistance in a one-on-one setting.



Collective Reflections 
Collective Reflections is a student-run, anti-oppressive publication that aims to showcase opinions, anecdotes, and any creative expressions on topics such as: feminism, race & ethnicity, ability & accessibility, sexuality and gender diversity, and mental health. Until 2013, Collective Reflections existed as five completely separate publications: HeadsUP, Queen’s Feminist Review, Outwrite, CultureSHOCK!, and Able. While these sections still maintain their identities as five sub-sections, the amalgamation aims to further encompass the intersectional nature of identity and the experiences that come with it.

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Equity Reads
There are tons of underrated mini-libraries on campus full of reads that target a wide array of anti-oppressive topics such as: feminism, racism, cultural diversity, religion, mental health, ability, queer identity, etc. But because they’re underrated, and because they’re “mini”, it can be hard to access the books they house or even know which books are available. Equity Reads is here to help! We are housing these free lending libraries online such that students looking to rent a book can have easier access to them. You will find an exhaustive list of all the books available in the Social Issues Commission library, the ASUS Equity library, and the Education on Queer Issues Project (EQuIP)’s library.

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In the Commission


The Environmental Affairs Deputy strives to create a culture of sustainability and environmental consciousness at Queen’s and internally within the AMS by working with students and student groups in and outside of the Social Issues Commission. They also work to maintain the Room of Requirement and act as a resource on the Government and Corporate Environmental Procedures Manual and work on directed projects throughout the year to promote environmental sustainability for students.

The Editor and Chief oversees the financial operations and projects of the Social Issues Commission publication “Collective Reflections” which includes sections:  CultureSHOCK, OutWrite, Queen’s Feminist Review, HeadsUp!, and Able. They serve as a resource for committee members, and communicate updates between them and the Commissioner, as well as the publisher for Collective Reflections.

The Education Deputy oversees the financial operations and projects of the Mental Health Awareness Committee, Education on Queer Issues Project Committee, Students for Sustainability, Students Against Poverty,the Committee Against Racial and Ethnic Discrimination and Accessibility Queen’s. They serve as a resource for committee members, and communicate updates between them and the Commissioner.

The Indigenous Affairs Deputy  is responsible for maintaining relationships with campus and community groups with advocacy for Indigenous rights in their mandate. They also undertake independent projects to further Indigenous awareness and activism on campus.


The Mental Health Awareness Committee (MHAC)‘s mission is to promote healthy discussion of mental health on campus and to fight the stigma associated with mental illness by educating the Queen’s community. The committee organizes various on-campus events to facilitate and promote this process.

Students against Poverty (formerly Piggy for Change) aims to explore the intersectionality of poverty with other identities including race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, ability, age and location. The committee strives to use this understanding to educate the Queen’s community and advocate for change at every institutional level.

The Accessibility Queen’s (AQ) committee advocates for a more accessible campus for students with different abilities. The committee holds educational events throughout the year to teach students, faculty, and Queen’s administration about (dis)ability issues and the realities of ableism. AQ also spearheads cutting edge student projects to make student buildings more accessible.

CARED (Committee Against Racial and Ethnic Discrimination) is an anti-racist activist and educational committee that holds events throughout the year to discuss “Race,” Racism, and the effects of discrimination. The committee advocates for students that have encountered incidents of racism and discrimination and aims to fight oppression through education, lobbying, and by looking at the intersections of oppression.

The Education on Queer Issues Project (EQuIP) promotes education and action around queer issues locally, nationally and internationally, and works to create an environment that can truly be called a positive space for people of all sexual and gender identities. The committee works closely with campus and community groups in order to facilitate education, create awareness, and advocate for human rights.

Students For Sustainability focuses on awareness and advocacy on environmental issues. The committee encourages students to adopt positive attitudinal and behavioural changes through sustainability-related educational projects on campus. The committee generally organizes environmental awareness campaigns, educational workshops, sustainable cooking classes and guest speaker events.


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