Muslim Women in Nursing and STEM


MWINS is a club that strives to empower and support muslim women to pursue careers in STEM [...]

Queen’s Arab Association of Science Engineers


At QAASE, our mission is to provide a platform for Arab scientists and engineers to connect and [...]


QHacks is Queen's University's only annual hackathon. Now going into our 7th year, we take pride in [...]

Queen’s University Algorithmic Trading Team (QUANTT)

QUANTT focuses on quantitative/algorithmic trading and portfolio management. Quantitative trading is a combination of data science, computer [...]

Queen’s Space Engineering Team

The Queen’s Space Engineering Team is a group of exceptional and passionate students who share the desire [...]

Queen’s Soft Robotics Team

Queen’s Soft Robotics is a student run organization founded in 2017 at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. [...]

Queen’s Startup Summit

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Queen's Startup Summit is a three-day event founded in 2013, and has since become a cornerstone event [...]

Queen’s Cerebral Language Innovation

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Queen’s Cerebral Innovation Team is a research and engineering team dedicated to studying the brain through the [...]

Queen’s Bioinformatics Club

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Bioinformatics Club bridges the gap between biological sciences and computing. Students from life sciences, biology, and computing [...]

Queen’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Club

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Queen’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Club aims to create an inclusive environment for any and all Queen’s students to [...]

Queen’s BioMechatronics Team (Queen’s BMeT)

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Queen’s BioMechatronics Team (BMeT) is a multidisciplinary design team at Queen’s that utilizes mechanical and electrical engineering [...]

Queen’s FIRST Robotics Club

We are a group of students passionate about FIRST Robotics and are dedicated to fostering the growth [...]

Queen’s Knights RoboMaster

Queen's Robomaster is Queen's largest competitive robotics team! We design and build six robots to compete in [...]

Queen’s Formula SAE Design and Race Team

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We are an entirely student-run engineering design team that dedicates over 10,000 hours designing, building, testing, and [...]

Queen’s VEX U Robotics Team


We are a group of students at Queen’s University who will be competing in the VEX U [...]

Queen’s Software Developer’s Club

QSDC is a student-run club that holds workshops and events throughout the year based on Software Development [...]

Global Society for Genetics and Genome Biology – Queen’s Chapter

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The Global Society for Genetics and Genome Biology, is an international organization that strives to advance scientific [...]

Queen’s Pre-Dental Society (QuPDS)

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The Queen’s Pre-Dental Society intends to assist pre-dental students in their preparation for dental school and dentistry [...]

Queen’s Applied Biotechnology Club

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We are a group of undergraduate students who are passionate about the advancement of biotechnology in several [...]

Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers (AKCSE)

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AKCSE Queen’s strives to support both academic and professional development in students especially in Sciences (sciences, computer [...]



Located in over 80 countries, IAESTE is an international student exchange program for full-time students interested in gaining professional [...]

Merlin Neurotech


Merlin Neurotech is a team of undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about the development of [...]

Queen’s Scientista

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Queen's University Scientista promotes the advancement of undergraduate and graduate women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and [...]

Queen’s Data Analytics Association


QDAA is a student-led organization for all things related to data analytics across all faculties at Queen's [...]

Queen’s Web Development Club

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QWeb is a club that promotes the learning and practicing of web development through real projects. The [...]


NeuGeneration is Queen's University's first ever neuroscience conference, established in 2015. Completely run by passionate students with [...]

Canadian Association for Research in Regenerative Medicine, Queen’s


CARRM @ Queen’s is one of several chapters of the Canadian Association for Research in Regenerative Medicine, [...]

Queen’s Bridge Building Team

The Queen’s Bridge Building Team (QBBT) is a multi-disciplinary engineering design team at Queen’s University consisting of [...]

Queen’s Scinapse


What makes your club unique?USCC provides students with an opportunity to develop their own research ideas and [...]

Queen’s Healthcare & Business Conference

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The Queen’s Healthcare & Business Conference is a two day conference that will be held in Kingston, [...]

Robogals: Queen’s Chapter


Robogals Queen’s is a chapter of the international, student-run organization Robogals that aims to increase female participation [...]

Experimental Sustainability Team


QUEST, the Queen's University Experimental Sustainability Team, was founded in 2012. The team's goal is to achieve [...]

Women in Science and Engineering

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Queen’s Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) seeks to promote women’s participation in the sciences and engineering. [...]

Queen’s University Blood Team


We are a group of 2 Co-chairs, 16 Coordinators, 30 General Executive members, and approx. 90 volunteers, [...]

Queen’s Concrete Canoe Design Team

The Queen's Concrete Canoe Team is an engineering design team open to members of all faculties. We [...]

Queen’s Mini Baja Team

Queen’s Baja SAE is a multi-disciplinary design team of students that designs, manufactures, and races a single [...]

Let’s Talk Science


Let's Talk Science is a national non-profit organization dedicated to making science accessible to youth in grades [...]

Concrete Toboggan Team

The Queen’s Concrete Toboggan Design Team is a competitive design team providing engineering students a chance to be [...]