The Queen’s Tamil Student Association [QTSA] is a Queen’s campus cultural club that serves to enrich the lives of those wishing to embrace and take pride in Tamil culture. Though the word “Tamil” means a language that is spoken in various provinces in India and Sri Lanka, this club is not exclusive to Tamil speaking individuals. QTSA rather, is for any person who wants to experience culture, in particular the rich food, history, dress, and celebrations that pertains to Tamil culture. We strive to promote knowledge and understanding of Tamil culture through a wide range of activities 4 and events that allows members to feel that they are part of a community. In addition to being a resource for appreciating Tamil culture, QTSA also helps with integrating International students, scholars and visiting professors into the Canadian culture from a Tamil perspective. QTSA executive members work together to cater to the wishes of the club members and to provide a positive space on campus where Tamil culture can continue to be appreciated and evolve in conjunction with Canadian culture.

The mandate of QTSA is to create a resource for the Queen’s and Kingston communities where people can learn about and appreciate the Tamil culture and heritage. QTSA hosts social activities and events to engage students in the celebration of Tamil culture. QTSA has built a strong relationship with students at Queen’s to promote Tamil culture and help them experience cultural diversity.

By creating a welcome and open space to discuss, appreciate and celebrate the Tamil culture, QTSA ensures that anyone who associates with or enjoys the Tamil culture has a place to express it here at Queen’s.