SWAM Kingston’s mandate is to provide one-on-one swimming lesson to children with special needs.  Our mission is to build swimming and water safety skills. Participation is on a volunteer basis and SWAM Kingston is to remain non-profit. Any money that is acquired must be handled with the interest of maintaining swimming lessons. Any surplus of funds is to be either saved for the following years or else donated to a cause by majority vote of the executive committee. No money may be donated until the executive committee reaches unanimous agreement.

SWAM Kingston builds on the institutional strengths and successes of existing swimming lesson organizations. We are able to be more effective in injury prevention by providing lessons specifically targeted and adapted to those children at highest risk of drowning in our society. We recruit our volunteers from the abundance of university-aged, qualified swimming instructors and work with our community partners to properly train, educate and prepare them for working with special-needs children. We rent out pool space twice a week, and assign one instructor to each child. By using innovative techniques to dramatically cut our operating expenses, as well as by actively fundraising, we are able to offer private swimming instruction at a rate affordable even by those living under the poverty line.

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Queen’s University sits on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee & Anishinaabe peoples.
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