QCHI will be working directly in tandem with a local Kingston foundation, The Congo Healthcare Initiative to provide long term sustainable healthcare funding to a recently established CURA healthcare clinic located in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. QCHI aims to represent The Congo Healthcare Initiative as a campus chapter aimed at empowering the local and global community through advocacy and fundraising.

As the CURA healthcare clinic is staffed, yet lacks greatly in resources required to treat patients, many patients receive a diagnosis for HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases and are unable to afford the necessary treatments. Recent escalations of war violence in the region and extreme medical supply shortage have led to the clinic to be suspended indefinitely despite physicians being on site. Our ultimate goal is to act as a bridge between the Queen’s student community and the local Congolese community, raising awareness regarding the deficits in healthcare access, particularly in war-torn and inaccessible regions. Tackling the misconception that simply having a hospital and doctors is sufficient for healthcare accessibility. In addition to the healthcare clinic, we will also be fundraising for its sister center in Goma, the Tchukudu center which works directly with women in the community to empower them through education and training workshops, an important aspect of preventive medicine and primordial/primary healthcare promotion.

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