Empowering the youth of Nyantende by supporting their enrollment in local primary and secondary schools. The Nyantende Foundation’s vision is to foster feeling of empowerment and ambition that will mobilize the community and set them on a path towards their own development.

The Nyantende Foundation is an organization started by two Queen’s University students and a native of Nyantende. The Nyantende Foundation currently enrolls 223 in elementary and secondary schools. The Nyantende Foundation’s mission is the empower Congolese youth living in the greater Nyantende area by enrolling them in local elementary and secondary schools. As government institutions are largely absent in the Congo’s Eastern region, families are forced to pay monthly fees in order to enroll their children in local schools. However, as a significant percentage of the adult population are without stable income, youth often remain on the streets with no means to pursue an education. By subsidizing the cost of their schooling, Nyantende Foundation gives Congolese youth the means to improve their capacities thereby possessing the freedom to pursue a life they have reason to value.

To ensure accountability, in the fall of 2011 we set up an administrative bureau in Nyantende where we have employed 3 local Congolese to act as our liaisons ensuring each youth is accounted for on a monthly basis (tuition receipts). Also, they provide us updates on the students, their grades, and the conditions of the schools for us to plan future initiatives.

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