The Queen’s Music Club is made up of musicians looking for access to equipment and facilities in order to pursue music. We intend to provide an accessible rehearsal space for student use and foster the musician community at Queen’s.

Our club facilitates three main activities. Firstly, we run open jam sessions on weeknights which students can attend after paying an initial membership fee. Secondly, we rent our rehearsal space to artists and bands in the Queen’s community. Thirdly, we organize social events for students, including concerts and informal get-togethers.

  1. To enable students to continue in the pursuit of learning and creating music affordably, while attending university
  2. To unify the music community at Queen’s university
  3. To provide equipment and facilities to students for the purpose of creating and learning music.
  4. To provide social functions and events with the purpose of adding to the variety of university life.
  5. To provide opportunities for members to perform on a regular basis
  6. The activities of the club shall be carried on with no intention of personal financial gain; all profits, grants, membership fees, and accretions shall be used uniquely for carrying out the club’s objectives.
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Queen’s University sits on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee & Anishinaabe peoples.
L’Université Queen’s est située sur les terres traditionnelles des peuples Haudenosaunee et Anishinaabe.
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