Inquire Publication is a social activist interuniversity publication featuring a wide range of topical local, national, and global issues. Affiliated with the University of Toronto and McMaster, Inquire was formally launched at Queen’s University on September 1, 2008.

The purpose of Inquire is fourfold:

– to foster discussion and debate about issues of importance;
– to combat ignorance;
– to reduce apathy;
– to mitigate dogmatism.

The concept behind Inquire is unlike any other known publication. It aims to motivate the Queen’s, McMaster, and University of Toronto communities to speak out and engage in an open dialogue on issues of real importance.

The student bodies of the universities are encouraged to respond to the articles featured in the publication by commenting on Facebook or in the comments section of the website. These responses present divergent perspectives thereby giving readers a deeper understanding of the complexities of the issues at hand.


  1. Mission: Inquireis a social activist publication that aims to motivate the Canadian university community to speak out by facilitating the voicing of opinions on issues of real importance.
  2. Strategy: Inquirewill offer post-secondary students, faculty, and staff a platform to respond online to questions and articles regarding issues of global and local importance. Inquire will strive to encompass a diversity of perspectives by allowing the entirety of the Canadian university community an opportunity to be published.
  3. Vision: To foster discussion and debate about issues of importance, to combat ignorance, to reduce apathy, and to mitigate dogmatism.


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