On campus, the mandate of Queen’s Helping Haiti, a chapter of the Kingston-based Helping Haiti, is to raise awareness about the situation in Haiti and to fundraise in order to support the organization’s initiatives. More importantly it aims to actively engage students in being part of a truly innovative and capacity-building organization that seeks to resolve the tensions in Haiti through projects that are planned and implemented by the community itself.

By working with passionate individuals from Queen’s, Kingston and Haiti, members of Queen’s Helping Haiti will participate in helping to fuel community-driven change in Cité Soleil and the realization of peace-building projects such as the “First Aid for Peace” program, or the construction of a community centre at the heart of Cité Soleil, This initiative brings together 10 members from different gangs (including gang leaders) for six weeks and teaches them first-respondent techniques for dressing bullet and knife wounds, stitches, etc. Not only has this provided members with practical first-aid knowledge in an area where health care is virtually inexistent and allowed them to provide support to their friends and family, but it has also provided a first, crucially important step, in bringing the community together. Another peace-building project involves the construction of a community centre at the heart of Cité Soleil, where training, sporting, artistic and community-driven activities will take place.

We are always looking for new people to get involved, and partnerships with other organizations and groups on campus.

Queen’s Helping Haiti is committed to building peace, stability and health in Cité Soleil, which is one of the most conflict-ridden and impoverished regions of Haiti. It is also committed to doing so through the work of community members themselves, and particularly through the work of the population that is usually accused for causing so much violence in the area: the gang members.

For Helping Haiti, an official Kingston-based organization, this has resulted in the establishment of a foundation that has become part of the community, that is be run by the community and that responds to their own community needs.

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