The French Club helps promote the French culture at Queen’s University within the Kingston community.  We welcome any students who want to learnt he French language or culture.  It is here to serve as a medium, whether the students need help with their homework or would like to borrow a book from our library free of charge.  The French Club hosts numerous events such as crepe nights, movie nights, potlucks, dessert tastings and many more.  We aim to promote a diversification of learning experiences and an open environment for those interested about francophone culture, Quebecois cultural events, French language and more!

The mandate of the French Club is to draw students’ attention of the French culture and community across campus.  Our focus is to draw stuednts’ attention of the French culture and community across campus.  Our focus is to influence others to speak the French language whether they are beginners or experts through cultural, educational and social activities.  The French Club also offers discussions targeted to students of all levels (novice to advance/fluent): a conversation where student can improve their French skills and have the opportunity to get familiarized and/or the opportunity to converse the French language!


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Queen’s University sits on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee & Anishinaabe peoples.
L’Université Queen’s est située sur les terres traditionnelles des peuples Haudenosaunee et Anishinaabe.
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