Eye Can See focuses on raising money for Eye Camp in India, a charity whose money goes towards paying for ocular surgery for the impoverished residents in India. Eye Camp in India is a total of eight camps where the patients stay for three days. On the first day, patients are diagnosed by the ophthalmologist to see if they are eligible for surgery; if not, they are provided with supplemental eye medication. On the second day, the patients travel to the selected hospital and undergo surgery. On the third day, they return to the camps to see if there are any complications. If there is leftover money, the proceeds go to a public hospital to pay for any other surgeries.

Our club’s mandate is to raise money for Eye Camp in India, a charity that pays for ocular surgery needed by those who cannot afford it in India. In addition to our philanthropic dogma, we strive to raise awareness of ocular health among the Queen’s community. We aim to engage students into extracurricular affairs to give them a sense of community and achievement.


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