Logging into Outlook with an AMS-approved Email

Note: This guide is ONLY for emails with the domain: @ams.queensu.ca, @asus.queensu.ca, @cesa.queensu.ca, @engsoc.queensu.ca, nss.queensu.ca, pheksa.queensu.ca, or ressoc.queensu.ca. Any other domain, including @queensu.ca, does not apply to the following instructions.

Why can’t I Log in?

If you having trouble signing with your email account, what is most likely the issue is that your computer is redirecting you to the Queen’s Outlook portal. Queen’s University has its own Outlook email server strictly for ******@queensu.ca accounts, primarily composing of Net IDs, which is SEPERATE from Microsoft’s servers.

If you are not logging in with your Net ID, but with an email affiliated with the Alma Mater Society or supported by the Alma Mater Society, then you want to log in through Microsoft’s servers.

How can I Log in?

Go to Outlook.office365.com/ams.queensu.ca

If you entered the correct URL, the following page should look like this:

Correct Outlook Page

If the log in page is the following Queen’s branded page, then you are on the incorrect page and will be unable to log in.

If you try to log in via outlook.com, it may redirect you to the following incorrect page because your computer has recognized your history of logging into Queen’s email servers, so again, try logging in via outlook.office365.com/ams.queensu.ca.

Wrong Queen's Outlook Log in Page