Meet Our Clubs Team

The Clubs Office works year round to provide resources and support for all Queen’s clubs through providing space, insurance, financial assistance, event planning, marketing, and more. Whether you’re interested in starting a club, joining a club, or running a club, we’re here to help!

You can find us in room 54 of the main AMS offices in the lower JDUC or get in touch through email to set up a meeting!

Marnie MyszkoDirector
The Director of Clubs oversees the 270+ ratified clubs on campus and is responsible for ratifying clubs, allocating space, and distributing grants. They manage the day to day operations as well as long-term planning for the Office. They act as the main liaison between the AMS, SGPS, and the clubs community.
Matthew GledhillAssistant Director
The Assistant Director of Clubs oversees event sanctioning, finances, and spaces. They work alongside the SLC Operations Manager to manage club spaces and to ensure that they are maintained in good condition throughout the year. They also work alongside the Vice President Operations to manage clubs with student fees as well as sanctioning events.
Bronwyn VaiseyHuman Resources Coordinator
The Clubs Human Resources Coordinator is here to help mediate any inter-club conflict, but most importantly to listen! No issue is too big or small for the HR Coordinator and they would be more than happy to sit and chat with you. They are also equipped to help you with any hiring tips and best practices for recruitment seasons.
Rachel FreelandMarketing Coordinator
The Clubs Marketing Coordinator oversees the Office’s social media pages and strives to promote a cohesive image around campus. They also work alongside clubs to help with marketing club events and social media pages.