Introducing the AMS Executive Team 2016-17

Caitlin Mckeen, Director of Advancement–

I applied for the position of Director of Advancement because I am passionate about the services and opportunities the AMS is able to provide the student body. I think that working to fundraise and gain sponsors to expand and continue these services is extremely valuable to the student experience and I am so excited to be a part of it. I am also very excited to meet alumni and to contribute to homecoming events put on for all our graduates. I can’t wait to work with the Executive and the rest of the team this year in contributing to the student experience at Queen’s.

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Bianca Balazic, Director of Communications —

I have never been involved in the AMS before and I felt that the Marketing and Communcations Office was a place that was not only suited to me, but where I would be able to make a meaningful impact on student life. I am really looking forward to working with everyone on the team to promote the AMS and most of all to encourage other students who are also external to the AMS to get involved!

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Emma Jones, Director of Human Resources—

I applied for the Director of Human Resources position because I’m passionate about students getting the most from their positions within the Society. Students, salaried, waged and volunteer, work hard every year to exceed expectations. They should not only get mental, social, and professional support from the Society but they should learn as much as possible from their positions as they move on to a world beyond university.

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Michael Judd, Director of Information and Technology–

I applied for so many reasons but I think the determining factor for me was having the opportunity to make students’ lives easier. I understand websites and technology can be a huge hassle to deal with but they shouldn’t have to be. That’s why this year I really want to focus on creating innovative solutions for Queen’s services that put an emphasis on usability and accessibility for everyone. I’m super excited to be starting the position and I’m a big fan of new ideas and projects regarding anything IT related. Feel free to chat anytime and let me know your thoughts!

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Brandon Kim, Director of Hospitality & Safety Services –

I applied to be the Director of Hospitality & Safety Services because I’m passionate about providing excellent customer service! I’m excited to work closely with each management team in supporting them and in creating visible change for students in the services they rely on! Through working with the AMS, I’ve learned how much hard work goes into providing services for students. I’ve grown as a professional, while meeting hundreds of amazing people in the process. If you’re looking to make a difference, get involved in some capacity!

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Max Garcia, Director of Media Services —

I applied to the Director of Media Services position because I’ve always been interested in the media Industry and I think that the services under the portfolio are really fun and I want to help out in their growth. Getting involved in the AMS is a great opportunity for students to give back to the Queen’s community by being part of diverse services that are run by students, for students! Having the opportunity to be part of a family of motivated students, learning from my peers, and being able to change lives of students for the better is something that I am very excited about!

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Leo Burns Scully, Director of Retail Services –

I chose to apply because the people I have met during my time with the AMS have made it one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had at Queen’s. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet and work with another group of impassioned and excited student leaders. I can’t wait to learn about two new services and how the retail world operates. As an external perspective, I feel like I have a lot to offer in terms of evaluating the existing systems in place, and using data and statistics to bring in fresh ideas to help improve efficiency and organization.

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Sam Anderson, Managing Director of Student Life Centre —

The Student Life Centre is the solid foundation upon which the AMS, the SGPS, and Queen’s University provide students with useful services, quality spaces, and an engaging campus atmosphere. I am thrilled to be taking over the leadership of the SLC because I see many opportunities to create a lasting impact for a huge range of students and other members of the Queen’s community. The coolest thing about the SLC is that most of its programming is not centrally organized. We provide the high quality spaces and clubs, teams, services, businesses, and other campus groups use them to do amazing things for students. As an engineering student, I’m proud to be representing my faculty on the AMS executive team. As students we can achieve great things when our faculties work together and combine their individual strengths

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Leah Brockie, Commissioner of Academic Affairs —

I applied for the position of the Commissioner of Academic Affairs because I believe student leadership is one of the most outstanding traditions at Queen’s. After serving as the Student Senate Caucus Chair, I’ve found dealing with academic issues and academic policies at Queen’s very interesting. I’m really looking forward to doing more external advocacy through this position. I’m so excited for my term to start and to work with such a fantastic team!

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Greg Kurcin, Commissioner of Campus Activities—

I applied to the position of Commissioner of Campus Activities because I want to give back to the incredible community that I have been so fortunate to call my home. I am passionate about student leadership and engagement and have seen the positive effects that getting involved here at Queen’s can have on a person. I am excited to continue to foster such a positive and accessible environment for individuals to develop their leadership skills while having a great time. I am dedicated to enriching the student experience and can’t wait to engage with the student body, to listen to them, and with the help of all the hard-working volunteers of the commission, make the best possible Queen’s experience we can make.

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Liam Dowling, Commissioner of Environmental Affairs —

I wanted to serve students here at Queen’s in an area that I’m extremely passionate about. Coming from a biology background, the environment is a topic I love working on and is something that all students should take interest inI’m interested in seeing how the Environmental Affairs commission can benefit students from not only an external and advocacy basis, but from an internal side as well. Given the recent recommendations for the Climate Summit in Paris, now is the opportunity to start thinking critically about our environmental practices and how we can work together to find a mutual and positive benefit. In the words of Miss Frizzle, “”Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”

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Francis Campbell, Commissioner of Municipal Affairs — newmunicipal@ams.queen

Growing up in Kingston, I’ve seen Queen’s grow and evolve from an outside perspective, which is why I was motivated to apply for this position. I wanted to see and affect change at the municipal level while interacting with city council/staff to continue to foster a positive relationship between the university and the Kingston community. I’m most excited to meet people! Whether that’s city council, staff and volunteers for the Municipal Affairs commission, or even just more Queen’s students! Overall, I can’t wait to learn new skills and more about the commission, as well as hire/meet the MAC team/volunteers.

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Leandra Keren, Commissioner of Social Issues —

I applied to be the Commissioner of Social Issues because I am deeply passionate about facilitating conversations about issues of social justice and breaking down the walls of the systems of oppression on our campus. I want to engage students facing issues of oppression to help them find a voice and advocate for a safer and more inclusive campus community. I applied because I want everyone in our Queen’s community to feel valued, important, and welcomed…because they are!

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Congratulations to the team and good luck in the next few months of transition and hiring!

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