AMS Offices

The Human Resources Office is responsible for ensuring that all AMS members receive equitable access to employment and volunteer opportunities within the AMS and that the experience is safe, productive, and welcoming.

The Marketing & Communications Office is responsible for facilitating communication between the AMS and its constituents, as well as the marketing research, customer satisfaction, and branding of the AMS Corporation.

Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Deputy Officer leads the planning and execution of the Volunteer Appreciation Gala and works with the Human Resources Officer to organize the event. They are responsible for generating ideas and initiatives for pan-AMS appreciation and recognition efforts, including ways of presenting the Volunteer and Employee of the Month program. The Deputy assists with hiring and oversee programming of First Year Intern Council, and works closely with the Human Resources Officer and Advancement Officer to organize professional development opportunities for salaried AMS employees, including providing ready access to Career Services.

The Recruitment Committee, including one committee chair, works alongside the Talent Acquisition Manager to initiate and fulfill various recruitment efforts throughout Orientation Week and the following school year. They help to develop and implement methods for ongoing AMS recruitment that effectively engage the student body.

Marketing & Communications Office

The Design Deputy works alongside the Marketing & Communications Officer to create graphics for pan-AMS communication efforts. They provide strategic input into the design of graphics and previous design work is used to aid in assessing applicants during the hiring process.

The Marketing Street Team, including one committee chair, assist the Marketing & Communications office by conducting marketing research on campus, assisting in ongoing AMS activities on campus, and developing and implementing new methods for pan-AMS marketing and research tactics.