Welcome to the Commission of Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Commission (AAC) deals with issues related to the educational quality, teaching excellence, and financial accessibility of a Queen’s education and works to inform students of these issues as well. You can apply to volunteer in any of the committees or services below!

Contact Victoria Lewarne, the Commissioner of Academic Affairs, if you have any questions!


The Academic Grievance Centre (AGC) serves to help students with questions or concerns about the academic appeals process, academic regulations, and academic discipline. Volunteers are hired to work in the Centre and are a resource and support for students who have a problem or simply need someone to listen.


In the Commission


Deputy Commissioners work directly under the full-time Commissioners and oversee the committees within the Commission. Deputy portfolios vary but every one offers the chance to develop leadership skills.

The Engagement Deputy oversees the financial operations and projects of the Teaching Awards and Student Faculty Relations committees. They serve as a resource for the chairs and coordinators in many areas, and communicate updates between them and the Commissioner.

The Special Projects Deputy assists the Commissioner in advancing unique annual projects that the commission is undertaking. Recently this role has been very focused on the development of the Syllabus Bank.

The Policy Deputy oversees the financial operations and projects of the External Advocacy Coordinators to raise awareness of provincial higher education issues, as well as raising awareness of the work of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance. They also oversee the Policy Committee, writing research papers on different sector issues to inform the student body and assist the Commissioner


The AMS Policy Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the AMS’ current representational policies by identifying gaps in current policy coverage, assisting salaried staff with the research and editing process, and making recommendations around content and format. The Committee also researches and writes on topics and issues within higher education, to inform members of the AMS of sector-wide issues.

The Student Faculty Relations Committee is responsible for the promotion of student-faculty interaction beyond the classroom through a variety of different initiatives, most prominently a lecture series called “The Last Lecture on Earth”, which asks professors to relay the most profound/personal wisdom they’ve accumulated over their lives.

The Teaching Awards Committee distributes nomination packages for prestigious teaching awards and promotes the award by encouraging students to nominate inspiring professors and teaching assistants. This committee facilitates the appreciation of educators who have a profound impact on shaping the academic experience of Queen’s students.