Mission Statement & Mandate

Mission Statement

To serve and represent the diversity of students at Queen’s University.


  1. To represent Queen’s University students within the university and externally by working to further the best interests of the members of the AMS, giving particular concern to representation on issues related to education.
  2. To provide services and activities to students, as well as to act in a facilitation role for services and activities as appropriate.
  3. To cultivate a sense of social awareness and responsibility in its membership.
  4. To serve as a liaison between the various affiliated student societies.


The Academic Affairs Commission (AAC) is responsible for advocating on behalf of students and supporting students in all matters of an academic nature. Our mission statement is to educate students on relevant post-secondary issues and to engage them, to advocate on behalf of students both internally and externally, and to facilitate student needs through our various committees, coordinators, and services. Contact the Commissioner of Academic Affairs at academics@ams.queensu.ca.

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The Campus Activities Commission (CAC) is a vibrant, energetic and engaging commission that strives for the betterment of student life through social, inclusive and entertaining extracurricular activities. The CAC runs numerous conferences and event each year that enrich the Queen’s experience, making it unique and memorable for undergraduate students. Contact the Commissioner of Campus Activities at campus.activities@ams.queensu.ca.

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The Municipal Affairs Commission (MAC) has 3 important goals. First, we advocate for student interests at a municipal level on such issues as property standards, waste programs, and snow removal. Secondly, we facilitate a wide range of opportunities for students to volunteer in the Kingston community. Finally, the MAC helps to prepare students for living in off-campus housing. Contact the Commissioner of Municipal Affairs at municipal@ams.queensu.ca

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The Social Issues Commission (SIC) aims to speak to issues of equity while engaging with oppression at Queen’s. We seek to provide students with resources and education as well as offer an open, safe space for those who face oppression and their allies. By fostering close ties with various interest groups and the Queen’s administration as well as facilitating student learning about oppression, we aim to eliminate marginalization on campus. Contact the Commissioner of Social Issues at social.issues@ams.queensu.ca.

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The Information Technology Office works to provide the IT Infrastructure on which the AMS depends. The IT Office operates internally on both the government and corporate sides of the AMS to ensure the continued support and maintenance of all IT equipment and services. The IT Office works to develop applications, databases, and websites for the various AMS Services.

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Serving as the public relations channel for the AMS, the Marketing & Communications (MarComm) Office facilitates the two-way flow of information between the AMS and its constituencies. We accomplish this through conducting marketing research to gauge the opinions of the Queen’s student body while monitoring the AMS’ media relations with both local and national media. The MarComm Office is also responsible for the supervision and creation of AMS publications and web content.

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The Human Resources Office is here to make sure that your experience within the AMS is rewarding, productive and welcoming. Whether you volunteer on a committee, work as an AMS intern, or are employed by one of the many AMS services, the HR Office is your resource. Don’t know where to start? We can help with that too because recruitment is one of the primary roles of the HR Office.

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Working in close coordination with Queen’s Office of Advancement, the Advancement Office (ADO) is responsible for ensuring that the AMS has a cohesive strategy for fundraising, sponsorship, stewardship, and meaningful engagement with AMS alumni. In doing so, we work to build and maintain relationships with donors, sponsors, and the alumni community, and facilitate the development of said abilities among AMS clubs, committees, conferences, and council. Ultimately, we seek to enhance AMS programming and services by securing financial contributions, stewarding donors and sponsors, overseeing AMS Homecoming initiatives, and acquiring mentorship opportunities.

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The mandate of the Secretariat is to support student initiatives, uphold order and justice, and promote student involvement in the democratic processes of student government. The Secretariat is responsible for all matters concerning AMS Assembly, the administration of AMS and Faculty Society elections and referenda. So, every time you cast a ballot in an election or attend AMS Assembly, you are witnessing the Secretariat in action! Contact the Secretariat at secretariat@ams.queensu.ca.

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