Welcome to the Commission of Environmental Sustainability of the AMS! With the reintroduction of the commission in 2020, there are multiple opportunities for sustainable advocacy and involvement within the Queen’s community. Projects such as the Sustainable Event Certificate and the Sustainability Action Fund encourage student engagement in sustainable initiatives, more of which will be introduced as this commission continues to grow. The purpose of this page is to provide students with our sustainability resources which will all be available below!

NEW at the Commission of Environmental Sustainability:

Apply to the Sustainable Event Certificate!
Receive incentives and make a difference by hosting a certified sustainable event!
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Sign the Petition to Prioritize sustainable business practices by ending Coca-Cola’s exclusive selling rights
Exercise your rights as an individual and a consumer by taking a tangible action towards positive change and holding Queen’s University to a standard that will contribute to the fight for social and climate justice on a global scale.
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AMS Resources:

Sustainable Event Certificate

The Sustainable Event Certificate (SEC) is a campus initiative founded by Queen's Backing Action on Climate Change (QBACC) in partnership with the Alma Mater Society. This certification is intended to assist in planning for the most environmentally sound event, while providing incentives and recommendations. Achieving this certification will require individuals to question the purpose of every product used, while also assessing the usefulness of more ecofriendly alternatives.   
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Sustainable Action Fund

The Sustainable Action Fund is granted to students who apply to it in hopes of improving sustainability at Queen’s through relevant events and initiatives. The applicability of the fund is extremely broad and has been granted to a variety of initiatives including conferences, a greenhouse, a residence composting initiative, and a secure bike storage facility. This is an excellent opportunity to fund undergraduate projects focused on different aspects of sustainability.  
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Sustainable Student Guide

The Sustainable Student Guide is a document created by the 2020-2021 deputy and intern of the commission, in partnership with the Earth Centre. This guide does an excellent job at providing achievable sustainability goals for students in a clear and concise format.
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Procedure for Sustainable Actions

The AMS Procedure for Sustainable Actions was introduced in 2021 as a breakdown of our hopes and expectations for both the government and services side of the AMS. It offers advice, resources, and descriptions of current initiatives for staff reference.
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Lifestyle Resources


This map, developed by Sustainable Kingston, is a great way to locate sustainable retailers in Kingston. They also have an option to suggest any locations you think they might be missing!
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Good On You

As students, sometimes it can be hard to find more ethical and sustainable alternatives to mainstream brands. That’s why we recommend Good On You, a website and app developed to help people shop more ethically and sustainably. It has many different features and resources, but our favorite is their search tool, which allows users to search ratings, based on sustainability and ethical standards, for about 3,000 different brands.
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Queen's Environmental Coalition

The Environmental Coalition is a bi-weekly meeting of environmental clubs and groups, to discuss updates and give brief presentations of upcoming projects. Through this, common sustainability issues on campus are explored, and remediation is sought out with the support of the AMS Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability. This coalition promotes conservation education, research and innovation, and acts as a place for advocacy of sustainable university operations. It is an excellent space to discuss individual initiatives, as well as create successful collaborations!   

Important Contacts:

Jessica Wile (She/Her)

AMS Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability ces@ams.queensu.ca

Caitlin Hayes (She/her)

AMS Deputy of Environmental Sustainability

Madeline LaPointe (She/Her)

AMS Deputy of Environmental Justice

Jane Ford (She/Her)

SLC Sustainability Operations Manager

Katie Hemphill (She/Her)

ENGSOC Environmental Representative sustainability@engsoc.queensu.ca

Alyssa Lee (She/Her)

COMSOC Environmental Representative

Conrad Koehl (He/Him)

COMSOC Environmental Representative

Helen Lord (She/Her)

ASUS Sustainability Director sustainability@asus.queensu.ca