FAQ - Status of Application

The status of your application can be found on AMS Apply (myams.org/applynow), under the “My Applications” tab. There will be one of the following statuses for each position that you apply to:

  • Pending – The hiring panel is reviewing your application.
  • Interview – You have received an interview time, please note the time and room location of your scheduled interview.
  • Hired – You have been Hired for the position and your hiring manager will be reaching out to you directly!

Not Hired – You are no longer being considered for the position. Keep an eye on AMS Apply as more opportunities may become available later.

As per the Hiring and Appointment Policy and Procedures Manual, interview times and locations will be posted on AMS Apply a maximum of 72 hours after the application has closed. If this is not possible, or a position’s application has been extended, the hiring manager will inform applicants of the delay.

Application statuses will be updated on AMS Apply 48 hours after the final interview has concluded. If this is not possible, or there is a prolonged period of time between the second last interview and the last interview, the hiring manager will reach out to all applicants to inform them of the delay.

Positions in the AMS are extremely competitive, with some postings receiving an exponential number of more applicants than positions available, making it impossible for the hiring panel to interview all candidates. Under the AMS Hiring and Appointment Policy and Procedures Manual, in this case, the hiring manager will allocate interview slots to a select number of candidates based on their written application and the lottery system.

Interview notes remain in the Human Resources Office. If someone is seeking more information on the interview process, they are encouraged to reach out to the Director of Human Resources at hr@ams.queensu.ca.

The AMS Hiring and Appointment Policy and Procedures Manual governs how an individual is hired to an AMS position and their eligibility throughout. Get more informed!

AMS Hiring Policy and Procedures Manual

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