FAQ - Interviews

Before the interview

Do your research! Use myams.org to find out more about the service, office, or commission you are applying to and take time to read through the job description on my AMS Apply again. You can also refer to the AMS Hiring and Appointment Policy and Procedures Manual for more clarification on the interview process.

Prepare and practice! Think about some common interview questions and what you would like to touch on before going into the interview. This will help you engage with the hiring panel and to not fumble over your words.

Arrive on time!! If you are unable to make your scheduled interview time, don’t be afraid to reach out the relevant hiring panel for an alternative time or contact the Talent Acquisition Manager at talent@ams.queensu.ca who will put you in touch with the right person(s).

Write notes beforehand if this is something that would help you during the interview! It is okay to bring notes to the interview.

The AMS is no AMS experience necessary. We encourage individuals to reflect on their life experiences and personal goals. Think about how your skills and accomplishments align with the position.

During the interview

All AMS interviews will provide applicants with a hard copy of the interview questions and a pen. Take some time to reread the question and jot down notes to collect your thoughts.

Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you are confused by a question.

Show the hiring panel that you are perfect for the job by referring to relevant examples and life experiences.

Be honest and be yourself. Show the hiring panel who you are, and what you have to offer!

After the interview

Relax and congratulate yourself for completing the interview process!

Following the last applicant’s interview, the hiring panel has 48 hours to contact you regarding the outcome of your application. If this needs to be extended, the hiring panel will contact you to inform you of this change in timeline.

You can expect an email or a phone call regarding the outcome of your application status.

If you have any questions about your interview or would like to see your interview notes, please contact the director of Human Resources at hr@ams.queensu.ca

If you need directions to any of the interview rooms, please visit the Student Life Centre front desk, located at the entrance of the JDUC.

Depending on the position(s) being applied to, the hiring panel will ask 3-7 questions lasting anywhere from five (5) to 30 minutes.

Interview panels range from two (2) to five (5) interviewers. More information about who you will be interviewed by can be found in the AMS Hiring and Appointment Policy and Procedures Manual located at the following link:

Hiring and Appointment Policy and Procedures Manual

As per the AMS Hiring and Appointment Policy and Procedures Manual, interview times will be posted 72 hours after the application closes. This many not always be possible
where it is not possible, you will be contacted by the hiring manager and made aware of when interview times will be posted. If applications have been extended, you will also be made aware of this.

On AMS Apply under ‘My Applications’, you will be able to see your updated status an interview time.

If you need to reschedule your interview, you should contact the hiring manager for the position you are applying to. If you are unsure who the hiring manager is, please contact the Talent Acquisition Manager at talent@ams.queensu.ca.

The AMS is an equal-opportunity employer and will strive to provide interview accommodations if brought to our attention. On all AMS Apply applications, applicants are asked to indicate any accommodations they may have.

Unless otherwise stated by the hiring manager, you do not need to bring any other materials to the interview.

If you have made notes in preparation for the interview or would like to bring a notebook, you may do so.

The AMS Hiring and Appointment Policy and Procedures Manual governs how an individual is hired to an AMS position and their eligibility throughout. Get more informed!

AMS Hiring Policy and Procedures Manual

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