This section has crucial pieces of information to help you apply for any AMS position from a salaried staff to a general volunteer! If you can’t find the answer to your question on this page please contact


1) What are the general AMS eligibility requirements?

2) Am I eligible to apply for a salaried position?

3) Am I eligible to apply for a part-time hourly position?


1) I have never worked for the AMS before, can I apply?

2) Will I be required to submit a resume, cover letter, portfolio or writing sample when applying?

3) How many jobs can I apply to?


1) I have never had an interview before. How can I prepare?

2) How do I find my interview?

3) How long will my interview be and who will be interviewing me?


1) What if I do not have a previous employer or supervisor to use as a reference?

2) Will the AMS always contact my references?

3) What if my references are international?

Pre-Application Consultation

1) How do I know who to contact and how do I contact them?

2) When is consultation useful?

3) What can I expect from pre-application consultation?

Status of Application

1) Where can I find the status of my application and what do the terms mean?

2) When will my interview time be posted?

3) When will a decision be made following my interview?


Olivia Stanton

Talent Acquisition Manager

The Talent Acquisition Manager can help with any questions regarding AMS Apply, applications, eligibility, recruitment, preparing for/rescheduling interviews and much more

Bronwyn Greenhalgh

Director of Human Resourcess

The Director of Human Resources is a resource to all AMS Members including volunteers and employees. They can help in reference to hiring, discipline, appreciation, questions about policy and more.

Office: JDUC 020

(613) 533-5000 ext. 77605

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