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1. To represent Queen’s University students within the university and externally by working to further the best interests of the members of the AMS, giving particular concern to representation on issues related to education.

2. To provide services and activities to students, as well as to act in a facilitation role for services and activities as appropriate.

3. To cultivate a sense of social awareness and responsibility in its membership.

4. To serve as a liaison between the various affiliated student societies.



The three-person AMS Executive is elected annually. It is comprised of the President, the Vice President (Operations), and the Vice President (University Affairs).

Vice President (Operations)

The Vice President (Operations) is responsible for all day-to-day operational and financial matters of the Society. They oversee all AMS services, the AMS Health & Dental Plan, the Bus-It program, and the consolidated budget of the Society.


The President is responsible for the external representation of the AMS and is ultimately accountable for ensuring the fulfillment of the Society's mandate and mission. They oversee the four Officers.

Vice President (University Affairs)

The Vice President (University Affairs) is responsible for all Society matters of a political and/or educational nature, research and policy development, internal academic issues, and university administration affairs. They oversee the three Commissioners.


Logo of the Commission of External Affairs

External Affairs Commission

The Commission of External Affairs advocates for the interests of students within the University and to external bodies like the municipal and provincial governments. They seek to uphold the quality and financial accessibility of a Queen’s education. They also administer committees that assist students in navigating academic life and create links with the broader community.

Logo of the Commission of Campus Activities

Campus Activities Commission

The Campus Activities Commission is a primarily events-based commission that is responsible for organizing events to promote school spirit and enhance student life. This commission also has a significant role in preserving and facilitating the Queen’s tradition of student-run orientation.

Logo of the Commission of Social Issues

Social Issues Commission

The Social Issues Commission seeks to facilitate dialogue, education, and engagement on all matters related to equity, identity, and anti-oppression. The commission strives to represent the diversity of students at Queen's by advocating for social change, lobbying the administration, and raising awareness in the University community.


Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office serves as a resource to all AMS employees and volunteers who seek assistance with recruitment, hiring, training or disciplinary procedures. They oversee all recruitment initiatives and training procedures, provide consistency to the employment practices of all AMS services, and ensure that the AMS as a whole is providing equitable opportunities for involvement.

IT Logo

Information Technology Office

The Information Technology Office works to ensure the continued function of IT equipment and services throughout the AMS. They also develop applications and databases for AMS services and provide account management and troubleshooting support. They employ students as part-time IT staff members during the school year.

Logo of the Clubs Office

Clubs Office

The Clubs Office oversees the 250+ ratified clubs on campus for both graduate and undergraduate students. They aim to provide resources and support that will continuously encourage our Clubs community to flourish. They can help you start a club, join one, or improve one that's already here. They help with resources such as grants as well as booking space.

Logo of the Marketing and Communications Office

Marketing & Communications Office

The Marketing and Communications Office manages the two-way flow of information between the AMS and students and handles the public relations of the AMS as a whole. They coordinate relations with local and national media outlets, supervise the creation of AMS publications and web content, and conduct marketing research. They provide resources for services, clubs, and societies looking for assistance in event promotion, information campaigns, and media relations.

Logo of the Sponsorship and Alumni Office

Sponsorship and Alumni Office

The Sponsorship and Alumni Office is responsible for ensuring that the AMS has a cohesive strategy for fundraising, sponsorship, and meaningful engagement with AMS alumni. They work to build and maintain relationships with donors, sponsors, and the alumni community, in close coordination with the Queen's Office of Advancement. By securing financial contributions and mentorship opportunities, they enhance the programming and services provided by the Society.

Logo of the Office of the Secretariat

Office of the Secretariat

The Office of the Secretariat facilitates the governance of the society which includes overseeing AMS Assembly, elections and referenda, and updating and maintaining AMS policies and procedures.

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Alma Mater Society of Queen's University

Queen’s University sits on the traditional lands of the Haudenosaunee & Anishinaabe peoples.
L’Université Queen’s est située sur les terres traditionnelles des peuples Haudenosaunee et Anishinaabe.
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