AMS Director of Communications Resigns

Effective October 23rd, 2019 at 5pm AMS Director of Communications Brendan Robson has resigned from his position.  He offered the following statement. "My decision to resign is not one I came to easily.  I've very much enjoyed my time at the AMS, but I can unfortunately no longer continue in my position.  I wish the rest of the team and my successor the best of luck for the rest of the year" In the coming months a new Director of [...]

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AMS Services Work with Students for Students to Provide OSAP Relief

For the month of October, the Alma Mater Society (AMS) and Students for Students (SFS) will be working on several initiatives across the AMS in order to raise money for the SFS OSAP Bursary. The service managers and staff of the AMS have been collaborating closely over the past few months in order to put the infrastructure of the AMS to work on the task of relieving some of the financial stress caused by the recent OSAP cuts. Tricolour Outlet [...]

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Students Unite For Climate Demonstration

Today from noon until 2PM the students, faculty, and staff of Queen’s University will have the opportunity to take part in the climate strike that has been organised by Queen’s Backing Action in Climate Change (QBACC) and Divest Queen’s at the intersection of University and Union. We at the AMS would like to thank everyone for using their voice as an instrument for change and we encourage anyone on campus who is passionate about climate change to join your classmates. [...]

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Interviewing Tips for Fall Hiring 2019

Interview Tips Before the interview - Do your research! Use to find out more about the service, office, or commission you are applying to and take time to read through the job description again. You can also refer to the AMS Hiring and Appointment Policy and Procedures Manual for more clarification on the interview process. - Prepare and practice! Think about some common interview questions and what you would like to touch on before going into the interview. This [...]

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The AMS has Divested From the Fossil Fuel Industry

The Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University (AMS) has divested itself of all holdings in companies that produce, transport, and dispense fossil fuels. “This past March, the City of Kingston became the first municipality in Ontario to declare a climate emergency,” AMS President Auston Pierce said. “As members of this community and of the generation who will be most impacted by climate change, we felt a duty to answer this call and do whatever we can to address the climate crisis.” According [...]

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Clarification of AMS Student Discounts

It has come to our attention that discounts advertised on the Alma Mater Society website that were described as being for AMS members were either outdated or inaccurate.  Specifically, the Via Rail discount listed was not one that was associated with the AMS.  Our apologies for any confusion or harm this may have caused.  We remain dedicated to serving students and keeping them as up to date as possible.  If you notice any other inaccurate information on our website please [...]

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