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Congrats on climbing the pole! But your time at Queen’s is just beginning. You’re probably looking at all the upper years wearing their glistening GPA’s and thinking to yourself, when do I get one of those? Well, first you’ve got to pass jacket council before you can even dream about thinking about touching one. IF you manage to pass jacket council then jacket fitting is the next step! Otherwise you’re in for some very functional rain gear…

We are now accepting designs for the Sci’ 20 year crest! Not only do you get to create a part of a longstanding tradition, but the designer of the winning year crest will be awarded a FREE GPA!

The crest must contain the Queen’s colours: red, gold, and blue, and your year, ’20! The crest must also include the geological hammers, a maple leaf, “Applied Science” or “Engineering & Applied Science”, a “Q”, as well as a crown. Besides the items listed above, the crest may also include ANYTHING you want, from robots to space shuttles, the design is yours to create.

Submission deadline is September 30th, at 5:00pm!

The fitting is open to any engineering student looking to purchase a GPA, regardless of year! And yes, you will get YOUR year crest and number on your jacket.

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