Welcome to The Commission of Environmental Affairs

The CEA strives to create a culture of sustainability in the AMS and Queen’s University by incorporating social, economic, and environmental considerations in its actions. This manifests itself through advocacy for environmental issues, encouragement of sustainable development in both education and infrastructure, and the implementation of sustainable practices within the AMS. Volunteer opportunities are available with any of our committees, our on-campus bike shop, environmental store, or in a Deputy Commissioner role with the Commission
If you have any questions contact Liam Dowling, the Commissioner of Environmental Affairs.

Commission of Environmental Affairs


room of requirement

Bikes & Boards
We are a repair shop that focuses on basic repairs for commuter, road, hybrid and mountain bikes as well as skate boards and long boards. We also provide skate sharpening services during our winter months.  We focus on the promotion of social, environmental and economic sustainability through its internal operations and community outreach programming.
We provide access to our tools for a small fee so if you know how to fix it but just don’t have the right wrench, we’ve got you covered! Throughout the year we will have a selection of refurbished bikes and new longboards for sale so keep your eyes peeled for your perfect match! Bike parts and accessories such as tubes, locks, lights and bells are also available for purchase.
Phone: (613) 533-6000   x 78043
Email: Lang Bunka, Head Manager bikesandboards@ams.queensu.ca
Location: JDUC – Room 046
Website:  www.bikesandboards.ca
Hours: Summer Mon-Wed 10-5, Sept-April Mon-Fri 12-4

The Earth Centre 
The Earth Centre offers Queen’s students, faculty and community members an opportunity to transform their environmental concern into positive action through green consumerism and innovative discussion. The Earth Centre encourages students to engage in positive dialogue about the environment through exposure to new information and opinions on environmental topics. The products The Earth Centre carries offer a more sustainable, responsible alternative to students’ consumer needs.
Hours: Mon-Friday 10-5
Email: Derek MacLean, Head Manager earthcentreatqueens@gmail.com  or earthcentre@ams.queensu.ca 

The Room of Requirement
The Room of Requirement is a space on the second floor of the JDUC that is a home for anything you may need. Come by, drop off your old school supplies or household goods and pick up new ones! Everything in the room is totally free, so if the door is unlocked, help yourself. It has been known to stock textbooks, lab equipment (coats and goggles), graphing calculators, and more!
If you’re tired of still having to pay for basic supplies, come visit! 
Email: Charlotte Heller, Deputy of Special Projects, ror@ams.queensu.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/queensroomofrequirement


Students for sustainability
Youth mentoring youth
Queen's Sustainability Conference

Students for Sustainability 
Students for Sustainability is an entirely student-run committee that focuses on awareness and advocacy on environmental issues. The committee encourages students to adopt positive attitudinal and behavioural changes through sustainability-related educational campaigns on campus. The committee generally selects two environmental issues per year on which to base their major campaigns, incorporating educational components, workshops, and guest speaker events.
If you are passionate about environmental issues and would like to actively participate in advocating for positive change on campus, become a member of the Students for Sustainability Committee!
Contact: Keiko Patterson and Becca Schmidtke, SFS Co-Chairs, strive@ams.queensu.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/STRIVEAMS

Youth Mentoring Youth
Youth Mentoring Youth brings schoolchildren from the Kingston area on to the Queen’s campus in order to promote sustainability in the greater Kingston community, educate students on the merits of environmentalism, and foster behavioural change in the students and their families and peers.
Contact: Becca Highet and Chris Lanz, Co-Chairs, ymy@ams.queensu.ca

This committee aims to offset carbon emissions by completing free energy-saving retrofits on buildings in the University District. The committee completes home retrofits in addition to hosting retrofit workshops, providing home retrofit kits to students, and running a light bulb exchange.
Contact: Regina Ding and Morgan Smith, Co-Chairs greenovations@ams.queensu.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Greenovations-at-Queens-University-291376097553211

Queen’s Sustainability Conference 
The conference is held annually in the winter semester. The conference is a unique opportunity for students to come together and be inspired about environmental initiatives. The conference features great speakers and case studies to help develop critical thinking skills. 
Contact: Katie Qiu and Ann Choi, Co-Chairs
Website: http://www.qsus.ca/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Queens-Sustainability-Conference-518355824970271/


The Sustainability Action Fund 
The SAF is a grant run through the Commission Environmental Affairs and AMS Assembly. It is funded by a $2.00 opt-out student fee. It goes towards supporting sustainable initiatives on campus, which can be anything from “the sustainability issue” of the Queen’s International Observer, to an environmentally focused mural, to putting a sustainable spin on a conference. 

There are two possible options for this
1) Application can be found here.
2) Learn more about the application here.

Past funded projects:
– Brought 4 bin recycling to Student Life Centres on Campus
– Brought organic bins to all Residence rooms at Queen’s
– Introduced an organics program and vegetarian options at the Queen’s pub.

Sustainability Week 
Held annually in the month of October Sustainability Week is an event held at Queen’s to celebrate and promote sustainability on and off campus and to engage the campus community in becoming part of the solution.  The Sustainability Office and the AMS Commission of Environmental Affairs along with student sustainability leaders and groups, including the QBACC, Earth Centre, Bikes & Boards, ASUS, ENGSOC and Greenovations (collectively known as Sustainable Queen’s) work together to present 5 themed days on how we can achieve sustainability – Explore, Move, Act, Eat, and Connect.  The goal of each day’s activities is to provide participants with information about ways they can live more sustainably both on campus and at home. 


Deputy Commissioners work directly under the full-time Commissioners or Officers and oversee the committees within the Commission. Deputy portfolios vary but every one offers the chance to develop leadership skills.

The Advocacy and Education Deputy oversees the financial operations and projects of the Youth Mentoring Youth and STRIVE committees. They serve as a resource to the committee members, and communicate updates between them and the commissioner.

The Special Project Deputy oversees the financial operations and projects of the Room of Requirement. They also work alongside the Commissioner to develop and execute externally-focused sustainability-related projects, as well as maintain the Commission’s external advocacy role by participating in and liaising with sustainability-focused campus and community groups such as Sustainable Queen’s.


AMS Environmental Procedures Manual 
Coming soon!

Local Food Guide 
Find the link here.

Queen’s Sustainability Map 
Find the map here.

Queen’s Climate Action Plan 
Queen’s Climate Action Plan 2016 

Sustainable carpooling and transportation. Find their website here.

Collaborators and Partners

The Commission of Environmental Affairs works closely with various other groups on campus to promote sustainability on campus.