I want to run for Rector AMS Executive Undergraduate Trustee a Student Fee

Interested in running in an AMS election or having your club or community group establish a fee through referendum? Check out this page for all the information you need!

What are AMS Elections? 

AMS members can vote and run for the positions of AMS Executive (a team of three – consisting of a candidate for President, VP Operations and VP University Affairs), the University Rector, or Undergraduate Trustee! Members also have the opportunity to vote in Faculty Society elections as well. 

AMS Executive 2021-22

AMS Elections also facilitates the Referendum process with the establishment of student fees for different clubs and campus groups, as well as the Triennial Review process to extend the fees that appear on SOLUS. There are two periods during which the referendum occurs: October and January.

Elections and Referenda are a great way to get involved and guide the direction of your student government. Whether you want to run for a position or cast a vote, every AMS student has the right to participate and the ability to make a difference. You will see a ballot arrive in your mailbox first in late October, and then late January! 

The elections for AMS President, VP Operations or VP University Affairs will be taking place in January 2022. Regular referendums happen in October and January.

Referendum and Establishing a Student Fee

Information on AMS Referenda, Triennial Review and how to establish a student fee

Referendum and Student Fees

How to establish a student fee, submit a referendum question, important dates and more!
Learn more

AMS Elections 2022

Learn more on how you can run for President, Vice-President Operations and Vice-President University Affairs

AMS Elections 2022

Dates, how to run, create a platform and more!
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Contact Information

Rector Election - March 2022

Rector Elections Policy

Rules on Nominations, Validation, Campaigning and Eligibility.

Platform Guide

A great starting point template!






AMS Referenda

Referenda, a process whereby the electorate (students) participate in surveys, and vote to approve or reject student fees. This is held in both the fall and winter terms along the same timeline as elections.  Questions on a referendum ballot may ask the following types of questions: 

  1. To establish, alter or continue student activity fees (more info below)
  2. Binding, non-fee questions
  3. Non-binding questions, AKA plebiscite questions, which shall be used to survey AMS members’ opinions or gauge support in relation to a specific issue, policy proposal or advocacy position. 

Student fees must be established through one of two referenda, either in the fall or in the winter terms, where all AMS members have the ability to vote. Referenda periods are comprised of four parts – Nominations, Validation by AMS Assembly, Campaigning and Voting. 

Establishing or Altering a Student Fee as a Club or Group

In order to apply to receive a student fee for the 2023-2024 year, please complete the packages provided here (validation and budget) and send them to ceo@ams.queensu.ca in September 2022.


AMS Election and Referenda January 2022 Dates

November 30th  (Validation Packs Due) 

Monday January 10th (Executive Information Session, nomination packages available) 

Thursday January 14th – Tuesday January 18th (Nomination period opens) 

Thursday January 20th (Validation at Assembly, All Candidates Meeting) 

Monday January 24th  – Monday January 31st (Campaign Period) 

Thursday January 27th (All Candidates Debate)

Tuesday February 1st  – Wednesday February 2nd  (Voting days / online campaigning allowed) 


2022 AMS Executive Election

How to Vote and FAQ

I didn’t get an email to vote. What should I do? 

If you didn’t get an email, go directly to queensams.simplyvoting.com 

SimplyVoting does not show that I am registered to vote in any elections.  

Please ensure that you have paid all the AMS and Faculty Society membership fees, as well as are not on internship or at the BISC to be eligible to vote. 

I have paid my fees and am not on internship or at the BISC, but I still cannot see the vote.  

Email ceo@ams.queensu.ca and we can figure out a solution! 

How can I learn more about this process? 

Myams.org/elections is a great resource to learn more about AMS-specific elections and referenda, as well as our elections and referenda policy and procedure manual. 

Is SimplyVoting safe and secure? 

Yes! Using a third-party voting source makes it safe and reliable for the 19,000+ undergraduate students voting. If you want to learn more, head over to https://www.simplyvoting.com/! 

How can my group get a fee added to the ballot? 

The next period to submit a request for a fee is September 2022Forms can be found on myams.org/elections. 


Contact the Elections Team

Laura Devenny

Secretary of Internal Affairs

The AMS Secretary is responsible for overseeing the administration of the elections team, and ensuring the process abides by AMS policies and procedures. 

Contact: secretariat@ams.queensu.ca

Erica Johnson

Chief Electoral Officer

The CEO is responsible for organizing the logistics, marketing, facilitating the nomination and campaign periods, hearing complaints and issuing rulings and sanctions during the election period. 

Contact: ceo@ams.queensu.ca

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