10 More Reasons to Submit your Application Today

Council (full-time salaried positions) applications are due today at 4pm! If you're still on the fence about applying, we wanted to give you a few more reasons to encourage you to submit your application for one (or more!) of these positions. Any one of these individuals would love to talk to you more about what they [...]

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Tracking the history behind Tricolour Outlet

Some of you rely on this service for its affordable and convenient transportation to and from campus, others for schools supplies and gael swag, but do you know how Tricolour Outlet came to be? Keep reading to find out more on the history of this student staple! Tricolour Express, the oldest aspect of the service, [...]

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The AMS Pub Services (TAPS) through the ages

With Student Appreciation Week upon us, this week's blogs will center on our well-established traditions of student leadership. All of the AMS services are student owned and student run: the people you work with, you work for and who you report to are all students--they're your housemates, classmates, friends and co-workers. That's all it is [...]

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The Baders: A tale of two hearts

"Everything that has any connection with you, Alf, seems enchanted," Isabel Overton remarked in one of her hundreds of love letters to beau Alfred Bader. A philanthropic and art collecting pair, the Baders are Queen's most generous donors; having gifted the university with millions of dollars over the years, many scholarships, as well as funding the [...]

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Make Your Homecoming Tradition

The ReUnion Street Festival was the epitome of what Homecoming is all about: spirit, community, and tricolour pride. Students and alumni were offered a venue to come together in celebration of their alma mater and Gaels of all ages attended the event to toast the place where it all began. At a meeting between the AMS and [...]

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So you might have heard people talking about the ReUnion Street Festival around campus, but what is all the hype really about? Is it a closed off street party? Can underage students attend? Will alumni be there? What will it add to Homecoming? All of these questions and more will be answered below about Queen's NEW [...]

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Boo Hoo Usurps Eril Berkok as AMS President

Meet Boo Hoo the Bear, your new AMS President!In his spare time, He enjoys sitting in Student Life Centre Spaces, Taking long walks in the JDUC, Loves Supporting Student-Run Services, Submits Complaints to Non-Academic Discipline, Lounging like he owns the place, Collaborating with Commissioners,  Discussing Provincial Lobbying Strategies, Reminiscing about Queen's Memories and Traditions  Discussing [...]

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By Students, For Students

Every time you grab a chai latte from Cogro for your 8:30am class, catch up with friends over a plate of nachos at QP, buy a bus ticket from Tricolour Outlet, or print an essay at P&CC you spent all night working on, your dollars are going right to your classmates and friends here at Queen's. Every student service [...]

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Looking to Get Involved

Are you looking to get involved next year? When you think about the upcoming year, you start to realize that it might be fun to find a way to get connected to your school that goes a little more in depth than simply visiting the ARC. Whether you're interested in social issues, marketing, or are [...]

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15 Throwback Photos to get you excited for Homecoming 2.0

We're not that different than we used to be back then, but if these Queen's #throwback photos don't get you pumped for Homecoming 2.0, we don't know what will. Meet some alumni, and share your Queen's stories with them. Have a great weekend and Go Gaels Go!   15. We still have copious amounts of [...]

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