AMS Commitments to our QTBIPOC Community

July 24th, 2020  Kingston, ON – The AMS has released our commitments to our QTBIPOC community through a report detailing Action Items. This report is a working document that will reconsidered, adjusted and added to many times throughout our term. We will reflect the most current version on our website at all times.   Click here to access the Action Plan [...]

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Faculty of Law Commitment to Consideration of Renaming Building

June 29th, 2020 Kingston, ON - Last week, Queen’s University Faculty of Law committed to reviewing the name of Sir John A. MacDonald Hall. The Alma Mater Society would like to acknowledge the importance of this commitment. The Society recognizes that we, as well as Queen’s University, must address the systemic racism that is ever-present within this [...]

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COVID-19 Web Page

June 18th, 2020   Kingston, ON – The AMS has launched a COVID-19 specific page on our website, for students to best access resources and useful contacts. This website will be updated often to allow for timely news. We will be adding a section related to AMS services in the coming weeks. This section will highlight which services are [...]

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Update: Queen’s Univeristy commits to installing and stocking menstrual products in high circulation buildings

April 30th, 2020 Kingston, ON- Over the course of the year, the AMS Executive worked closely with the AMS club Queen’s Period to tackle menstrual accessibility and stigma on campus. In addition to improving accessibility and availability of products, the Executive wanted to create an empathetic and positive climate towards menstruation on campus.  The most recent [...]

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April 23rd, 2020  KINGSTON, ON – Through the newly launched AMS Employment Financial Aid Bursary, the AMS has given out nearly $14,000 to students who are no longer able to work because of COVID-19. Furthermore, the AMS has contributed $30,000 to the Queen’s University Emergency Bursary Fund.   “Many of our peers lost their jobs due to circumstances that were entirely out of their control and we just really wanted [...]

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AMS Increases Mental Health Support

April 17th, 2020  Kingston, ON- Effective September 1st, 2020, the AMS will be increasing the Psychologist/Social Worker/Psychotherapist coverage of the AMS Health and Dental plan from $750 (100% per visit) to $1000 per year (100% per visit).   Addressing the mental health crisis on post-secondary campuses has served as a chief priority for the AMS. Following the introduction of EmpowerMe and the PSCxCARED partnership earlier this year, we are [...]

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Undergraduate Trustee Election and March 2020 Referendum Results

March 25th, 2020 KINGSTON, ON – The Alma Mater Society would like to congratulate Shoshannah Bennett-Dwara on her election as Undergraduate Trustee.  Shoshannah won on the third ballot with 29.7% (738/2481) of the vote. Aidan Turnbull came in second with 21.2% (527/2481) of the vote. There were 1116 abstentions.  The full results can be found on  March Referendum Results  The results for the question “Do you agree to [...]

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Update: AMS Front Desk to close

March 20th, 2020 Kingston, ON - Starting Monday, March 23rd, the AMS Front Desk will no longer be open. To coordinate a cheque pick-up, please contact We regret any inconvenience caused.

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Update on St.Patrick’s Day

Mar. 16, 2020 - Joint Statement on St. Patrick's Day events from Principal, AMS President, SGPS President Compared with previous years, this past weekend saw a significant decrease in student celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day.  Our hospital and emergency services reported a decrease in calls and visits related to celebrations.  We are thankful that the impact on [...]

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Update: Suspension of Services and Altered Hours

March 13th, 2020 Kingston, ON - Today, Queen’s University announced that all undergraduate classes are suspended as of Monday, March 16th in response to concerns regarding COVID-19. Currently, there are no confirmed cases in Kingston and the risk remains low. As such the university will remain open and their operations will be maintained during this time. As we have seen over the course of this week, the situation is constantly [...]

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