AMS 2021-2022 Senior Management Hired!

March 2nd, 2020   KINGSTON, ON – Zaid Kasim, Ryan Sieg, and Tiana Wong have completed their hiring for 2021-2022 AMS Senior Management. Over the weekend, Team RTZ reviewed many applications and conducted many interviews. The Executive-Elect is excited to announce the following decisions:   Secretary of Internal Affairs:  Laura Devenny  Commissioner of Campus Affairs: Anika Chowdhury  Commissioner of External Affairs:  Jacob Marinelli  Commissioner of Social Issues:  Samara Lijiam  Commissioner of Clubs:  Brian Seo  Commissioner of [...]

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2021 AMS Election Results

February 10th, 2021  Kingston, ON – The AMS Elections team would like to thank all of those who participated and voted in the 2021 Winter Election season. As of 8:00pm February 10th, 2021, the polls for the AMS Executive Election and the Undergraduate Student Trustee election have concluded. The results are as follows:   The AMS Elections Team would like to [...]

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AMS Restructure and AMS Apply Changes

February 5, 2021   KINGSTON, ON – This past year, the AMS team has collectively worked on proposals to change internal operations of the organization. This release aims to highlight the approved restructure as well as changes that have been made to AMS apply effective for this hiring season.  Applications for Senior Management positions for the 2021-2022 school year [...]

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Statement Regarding International at Queen’s Account & International Tuition

January 29th, 2021  KINGSTON, ON - The AMS has been made aware of the account @internationalatqueens and commends the students who have come forward to share their stories and experiences. We have also shared this account with University Administration.   Although news regarding PhD program tuition for international students is encouraging and welcomed, the AMS recognizes the financial and other hardships faced by our undergraduate international students, [...]

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AMS Fall-In-Review

December 1, 2020   KINGSTON, ON – Today, the AMS is releasing an update of how our term is going. Linked below you will find a document explaining all the projects that our team has worked on until this point.   The AMS welcomes all feedback about our updated platform. If you wish to get in contact with [...]

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Winter Term Update

September 22nd, 2020  KINGSTON, ON - Today, Queen’s University sent an email detailing an updated about Winter Term. An excerpt is shown below:  “With some exceptions, most courses will continue to be delivered remotely in the 2021 Winter Term. A small number of on-campus academic activities will be held based on the need for some students [...]

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External Investigation Update

September 11th, 2020 In response to posts shared on social media, the Ad-Hoc Committee of the Board engaged an external investigator to investigate allegations relating to a current member of our Permanent Staff. The investigation was completed, and the results were immediately provided to the Ad-Hoc Committee. More details on committee composition can be found [...]

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Re: Updates for the Community

September 2nd, 2020 Kingston, ON –  The mandate of the Board of Directors is to provide strategic oversight, financial accountability, and human resources support to Alma Mater Society Inc. (AMS). Our goal is to protect the interests and advance the objectives of all AMS stakeholders, including the students of Queen’s University and the employees of the AMS. The Board has [...]

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TAPS 2020-2021

September 1, 2020    Kingston, ON – The AMS is deeply saddened to inform the public about the current situation regarding The AMS Pub Service (TAPS) for the 2020-2021 school year.   Due to circumstances related to COVID-19, public health regulations and University restrictions, TAPS will not be operating this school year. At this time, and for the foreseeable future, the JDUC is closed to the [...]

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Statement on AMS Exposed Account

August 19th, 2020     Kingston, ON – The AMS is continuing to read and reflect on each post released by @AMSxposed. The stories being shared are serious, upsetting and not in keeping with the culture at the AMS. We recognize that although most of these events occurred in previous terms, we have a legal and moral obligation to investigate all claims brought to our attention. As a [...]

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