Child Development Centre 20th Annual Run/Walk

Looking for a good study break?   The annual Child Development Centre run/walk is happening on April 10th! Take a break from the library and put on your running shoes. Physical activity will help you study more effectively and you'll be supporting a really important local Kingston cause! Whats even better? It [...]

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How and Where to Vote in Kingston

So you want to vote in Kingston but you don’t know where to go? Read this blog to find out more about the different locations to vote in Kingston- specifically the locations that match with your district.   The easiest way to find out your exact poll locations is:   Step 1: Go to the Elections [...]

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The Origin of the Queen’s Student Constables

The Queen's Student Constables is a peer to peer security service that embodies the unique idea of students being responsible for students. The Queen’s Student Constables are made up of Queen’s students, just like you, who wish to make a difference in the Queen’s Community. Queen's has had student constables for as long as they've [...]

The Publishing & Copy Centre: From 1988 to Now

The Publishing & Copy Centre (P&CC) is a 100% student-run service operated by the AMS and a staff composed of diverse, keen and hardworking undergraduate students; 35 Customer Service Representatives and 4 Managers. Students were seeking a low cost alternative to publishing, printing, binding and duplicating since nothing of the kind existed on campus. So, after a motion was [...]

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Creating Common Ground

Many of you are quite familiar with Common Ground, or CoGro as it's better know, but do you know the history behind it? What's become a staple for many of you in your daily lives actually started out as just an idea by a group of three students, who were hopeful in the idea of [...]

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Shaping the future of the JDUC

The John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC) has always been a communal space for students, offering a multitude of space to catch up with friends; study or read on the couches; attend club meetings or utilize one of the many student services housed in the building. You may have been hearing about a plan to revitalize or renovate the [...]

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Finding the Positives of Cold Weather

I think we all can agree that this onset of winter is far too early and bitter considering we're only halfway through November! Who has time to dig out their winter wear when venturing into the Arctic tundra that is campus, with all the papers, projects, meetings and studying on the horizon? If last winter [...]

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12 Fun Things You Can Do With Student CarShare

Welcome back! Make sure to check out some of the fun activities in the surrounding Kingston area, and let Student CarShare help you get there. With car sharing, getting outside and exploring is easier than ever. Student Car Share is a car sharing service that enables students 18+ with a G2 license to rent cars by [...]

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Tips for Moving into Your First House!

So you've just completed your first year in residence, and you're gearing up for your second year. First off, congratulations! You've made it. Now that summer is approaching, you may be wondering what exactly has to be done in order to get your house or apartment ready for next year. Moving in to your first [...]

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AMS Bikes and Boards

Looking for something to do this summer? Bikes and Boards is hiring volunteers! If you're not sure about applying, here's a few reasons why you should. Meet New People Kingston Summer's are fantastic, but it can get a bit lonely when all your housemates are gone for the summer and you're busy working all day. [...]

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