The Journal is Wrong About AGM, Here’s Why

February 9, 2016 By: Kanivanan Chinniah, Kyle Beaudry, and Sarah Letersky In all our years at Queen’s, we never thought we would see the student newspaper call for its student government to listen less to students. Their strong call for the reinstatement of approving student activity fees through the Annual General Meeting due to the [...]

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The State of Non-Academic Discipline

By: Kanivanan Chinniah, Sarah Letersky, and Kyle Beaudry On September 18, the Board of Trustees released the Lewis Report and subsequently commissioned an Advisory Committee to review the non-academic discipline systems at Queen’s University. Until the Advisory Committee presents its final report, an interim protocol has control over all areas of Queen’s non-academic discipline. Change is [...]

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How and Where to Vote in Kingston

So you want to vote in Kingston but you don’t know where to go? Read this blog to find out more about the different locations to vote in Kingston- specifically the locations that match with your district.   The easiest way to find out your exact poll locations is:   Step 1: Go to the Elections [...]

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The Origin of the Queen’s Student Constables

The Queen's Student Constables is a peer to peer security service that embodies the unique idea of students being responsible for students. The Queen’s Student Constables are made up of Queen’s students, just like you, who wish to make a difference in the Queen’s Community. Queen's has had student constables for as long as they've [...]

What is the Undergraduate Student Trustee?

Given the unique nature of this year’s AMS executive elections, there is an opportunity to focus on the other election going on right now – the one for your next Undergraduate Student Trustee. But what is this position? What do they do? Here are 11 things you may not know about the Undergraduate Student Trustee! [...]

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Breaking Down the AMS Executive Positions

With Winter elections coming up for the new AMS Executive, some of you might be wondering what responsibilities the election dictates and how much power really lies at the core of these decisions. This blog will give you a starting spot to envision your future executive in each of the three respective branches of leadership. The [...]

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Nine New Clubs Worth Checking Out

Looking for new ways to get involved on campus and find your niche? Check out some of the AMS' newest ratified clubs and see where you can volunteer in the Queen's and Kingston Community! 1. Queen's Helping Haiti Mission: On campus, the mandate of Queen’s Helping Haiti, is twofold. 1) To raise awareness about the situation in [...]

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How You Can Decide Who Wins this Election

4580 =  The median margin of victory in ridings with major campuses in the 2011 elections (the majority of ridings had margins of victory in the 4000s). 19,786 = The average number of estimated eligible student voters in each individual riding. That means that less than a quarter of the student vote often could totally reshape [...]

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AMS Elections 2014: A Guide to Getting Informed

Here is some information on who is running and how to vote in the 2014 AMS Winter Election. 1. How do I vote? All AMS voting is done online. On the morning of Tuesday, January 28th, you will receive an email with a link & login information that is valid until 7pm on Wednesday, January [...]

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Getting Back To Who We Are

Fellow students, We wanted to address some regrettable incidents that have taken place in the past 24 hours, the past week, and throughout the past year. The challenge before us is to ensure that discussions and debates on this campus are conducted in a civilized, respectful and intellectually-driven manner that will at no time threaten [...]

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