AMS senior management hired

February 12, 2018   KINGSTON, ON – Miguel Martinez, Liam Tharp, and Munro Watters have completed their hiring for 2018-2019 AMS senior management. Over the weekend, Team MLM reviewed 34 applications with two rounds of interviews. The Executive-Elect is excited to announce the following decisions: Commissioner of Academic Affairs: Julia Gollner, Political Studies and History '19 Commissioner of Campus Activities: Alex Birt, Political Studies '19 Commissioner of Municipal Affairs: Soren Christianson, Political Studies '18 Commissioner of Social Issues: Myriam Morenike [...]

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Updated: 2018 AMS Executive Appointment Result

Executive Appointment Results February 2, 2018   KINGSTON, ON – The AMS is pleased to announce the appointment of Miguel Martinez (ArtSci ‘19), Liam Tharp (Sci ‘19), and Munro Watters (ArtSci ’19) to the positions of President, Vice President (Operations) and Vice-President (University Affairs), or Team MLM. Team MLM was elected on the fourth round of voting over Team ACS (Aniqa Muzmunder, Sarah Hanson, and Chloe Demizio). The SimplyVoting Single Transferrable Vote (STV) system used in the Assembly yesterday is the same system used to [...]

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Announcement on Executive Appointment Process

January 31, 2018   KINGSTON, ON – Today, the AMS Secretary made the following statement: “In accordance with the ruling of the AMS Judicial Committee, President Jennifer Li called for a Special Assembly to appoint a qualified team to serve as AMS Executive for the 2018-19 academic year. Teams who expressed interest and satisfied the eligibility requirements (as set forth in AMS Policy) will have the opportunity to present themselves before Assembly for consideration. The following format will govern the election process. [...]

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2018 Rector Election

January 30, 2018   KINGSTON, ON – The Alma Mater Society (AMS) congratulates  Alexandra da Silva on her election as Rector. Alexandra da Silva won on the third ballot with 63.6% (3503/5509) of the vote. Afsheen Chowdhury came in second with 36.4% (2006/5509) of the vote. There were 1209 abstentions. Quick Facts Polls were open from midnight on January 29 and closed at 9pm on January 30 The total turnout, including both the AMS and SGPS, in this year's rector election was 31.3% [...]

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Winter 2018 Referendum Results

January 30, 2018    KINGSTON, ON – Below are the results of the 2018 Winter Referendum. Voter turnout was 30.1%   Triennial Review Helen Tufts Child Outreach Program “Do you agree to the continuation of a $0.60 fee (subject to individual opt-out) to support the Helen Tufts Child Outreach Program?  This fee was originally established in 2011 and last went to referendum in Fall 2014” Choice          Votes          Percentage YES            [...]

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Call for AMS Executive Nominations

January 29, 2018 KINGSTON, ON – Today, AMS President Jennifer Li made the following statement: "As announced on January 28 through the Elections Team, Natasha Kornak withdrew her candidacy for Vice-President (University Affairs). Per the AMS Constitution Section 2.2.2, the candidates for President and Vice-Presidents shall run as a team and with this withdrawal there was no longer a team on the ballot. The AMS Secretary requested an interpretation of the Constitution and Elections and Referenda Policy to determine the next steps [...]

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