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Working Inside the Academic Affairs Commission

Ever wondered what it’s like to work within the AMS? Well I’m here to give you the inside scoop of both the Academic Affairs Commission and the Marketing and Communications office. Both are absolutely essential parts of the AMS as the AAC produces much of our academic policy and the Marketing and Communications office runs [...]

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Inside the Campus Activities Commission

The AMS prides itself in its volunteer activity that works to help make the Queen’s community feel like a home away from home. The Campus Activities Commission is a commission that is heavily volunteer-based. Without its volunteer reserve, the commission wouldn’t be as successful as it is in providing Queen’s students with so many amazing [...]

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What the F*%k is the AMS

By now you may have seen Facebook pages, booths, videos and pamphlets flying around campus with the start of 2017-2018 hiring season happening now. Yet the only question people seem to have is “what the F*%K is the AMS”? This post will hopefully inform and update you (the students) on who/what the F*%k everyone in [...]

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What’s Coming up in The Social Issues Commission?

Over the past two weeks, many of us have fallen victim to midterms and assignments that have resulted in long nights in Stauffer, multiple trips to Tim’s, and mounting stress. Although Reading Week will provide a much needed break for all of us, it is important to remember to take time out of your day [...]

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Introducing the First Annual University District Summit!

Are you a student who’s had ongoing grievances with landlords throughout your time at Queen’s? Do you want to see improvements for students within the University District? Looking to learn more about the District in general and the plans for the future? The University District Summit is in its first year, created by Municipal Affairs [...]

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Study Spaces for the December Exam Grind

With Exam SZN approaching fast, it’s time to hit the (e)books and begin the study grind. Let’s set the scene: You’re out of your room and are looking to find a productive place to work. Stauffer and Douglas are crowded again and the thought of spending 10-15 minutes looking for a space is almost as [...]

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It All Really Does Add Up

Engineering. Coffee. Politics. Friends. Yoga. Tricolour. What does these things have in common you may ask? Well, they all add up. They are things that make you, you. Things that makes Queen’s students, Queen’s students. This past week Queen’s career services, faculty societies and the AMS have been holding a campaign in the ARC titled [...]

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How to succeed in Kingston without even trying

Now that Homecoming is over and Halloween has come to a close, here are some ideas for how to keep the fun going for the rest of the semester. 1. Queens Events Homepage Calendar: When deciding on a fun outing, a great place to start would be the Queens Event Calendar for a weekly, up-to-date schedule [...]

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5 Small Changes to Make Your Lifestyle More Sustainable

Beginning on October 2, Sustainability Week is hosting a variety of events that will address many elements of environmental sustainability including local food, transportation, climate change, energy, local diversity, waste, and more! In the spirit of Sustainability Week, here are the top 5 ways that you can become more sustainable:   GIVE UP DISPOSABLE WATER BOTTLES [...]

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ReUnion Street Festival: Keeping the Tradition Alive

Though the new school year has just begun, the temperature is already starting to drop and leaves are already starting to change. This can only mean one thing… Queen’s Homecoming is just around the corner! Homecoming has been my favourite weekend at Queen’s for the past two years, and I am beyond excited to be [...]

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