April 2, the AMS Board of Directors elected their new Chair and Vice Chair! Read on to learn more about the Board as well as our newly elected Chairs!

Name: Quinn Giordano

Position: Incoming Chair of the AMS Board of Directors

Year: 3rd

Program: Political Studies

Name: Georgie Giannopolous

Position: Incoming Vice Chair of the AMS Board of Directors

Year: 3rd

Program: Political Studies & History

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What is the AMS Board of Directors?

Q: The AMS Board of Directors serves three essential roles as a final decision making body for the Corporation in the areas of strategic planning, financial accountability, and human resources support.  With a membership of six student directors, three non-student directors, three members of the AMS Executive, the AMS General Manager and the three Service Directors, The AMS Board of Directors is tasked with making decisions on behalf of the AMS Corporation that advance a positive agenda of creating student learning opportunities, ensuring that the AMS continues to provide valuable services to the campus community and of course always safeguarding the financial health of the AMS.  Each of us is invested in these goals and passionate about seeing them through to fruition in order to carry on the vibrant and unique student life of the Queen’s Community.

G: Quinn provided a very thorough overview of what the AMS Board of Directors does and its structure. What I would add to this understanding is how the Board approaches its functions of strategic planning, financial accountability, and human resources support. It seeks to meet every motion with a critical eye, ensuring that the corporation benefits from every resolution passed. The Board is a mix of industry professionals, professors, and students, and it brings together all of this expertise to ensure the longevity of the corporation. The work provided by committees of the Board make in-depth dives into relevant issues, while the general meetings frame issues in a broader context, addressing the theoretical debates of what it truly means to be a non-profit corporation with a double bottom line.

What is the role of the Chair of the Board?

Q: I view the position of Chair of the Board essentially as a facilitator of productive decision-making.  The Chair must be a person who can bring all the relevant stakeholders to the boardroom table, provide them with the information they need, the time they require to give it thorough consideration and the opportunity necessary to express a wide range of viewpoints including most essentially those of dissenting opinion.  The Chair must also be keenly aware of the psychology of the Board; both in the sense of creating a working environment that fosters positive mental health and in the sense of ensuring that our members avoid cognitive biases that are known to effect misjudgment.  In keeping with these principles both at Board and at AMS Assembly, the Chair can best serve the interests of the AMS and therefore provide a better service to the broader student community.

What is the role of the Vice Chair of the Board?

G: While the first job of a Vice Chair, outlined by the Board Policy Manual, is to exercise the duties of the Chairperson in his/her absence, the second (and in my opinion, more important) role is to facilitate the professional development of student directors. Each meeting of the Board provides learning opportunities for members, and I am committed to providing resources that can help student directors capitalize on these opportunities. The AMS has one of the largest networks on campus and I believe it would be to the benefit of the student directors to utilize these resources fully.

What are you most excited about as Chair and Vice Chair of the Board?

Q: As Chair of the Board this year, what makes me most excited is working with such a tremendously talented group of people.  Our new student directors Ben, Connor, Evan and Joe have already shown enormous promise and I cannot wait to see how they’ll use the opportunity of their position to expand the opportunities of their fellow students.  Our Vice Chair Georgie continues to impress all of us with her keen talent for thoughtful and thorough analysis, our Executive joins us with a positive mandate of inclusion and improving quality over quantity and of course our Non-Student directors bring life experiences and expertise to the table that always inspire us.  With peers like these, I cannot help but be excited about the year ahead.

G: As Vice Chair I am most excited to witness the work of the committees in the 2016/2017 year. The Board has a mixture of established and rotating committees, a few examples being Finance and Risk, Personnel, and Strategic Planning. I believe the work of these committees constitute some of the most important undertakings of the Board, but as a consequence of their removal from the spotlight, not many students know the time and effort put into them. As each student director is given the opportunity to chair a committee and sit on another, they have the ability to grow throughout the year in a leadership role. I am both curious and excited to see how they will shape the mandate of their committee, what projects they undertake, and the results they present.

What has been your favourite part about working on Board this year?

Q: Working on Board this year, I have most appreciated the learning opportunity that the role has provided for me time and time again.  I’ve been placed in a unique position to apply the skills and techniques of critical thinking and management that I’ve taken from past positions at CFRC Radio, QIAA, ASUS, the University Senate and the AMS towards serving the student community in a meaningful way.  This has helped my personal development as a student and a citizen while at the same time contributing something back to my peers.  In my mind this is an ideal experience that is a true testament to the unique education that Queen’s University provides through its student life.

G: My favourite part of working on the Board this year has been the relationships that I have formed with the student directors, community directors, and the Executive. I believe we developed a functional balance between professional and personal relationships, fully enjoying the time we spent working together. The benefit of having such a mix of people with differing experiences is that it creates an atmosphere that rewards risk-taking and creative thinking.

How do you hope to positively impact students next year as chair and vice chair of the board?

Q: When asked about whether he was happy President John F. Kennedy used to remark, “The ancient Greek definition of happiness was the full use of your powers along lines of excellence.”  My hope for the coming year is that by cultivating the kind of productive, inclusive and reasonable working relationships at Board that I have outlined as the duties of my role as Chair, we will strengthen the initiatives that make student life at Queen’s uniquely excellent and continue to limit burdens and create opportunities for students to share their creativity and talent.  If we can stay committed to these ideals then I believe we will be happy and the student community at large will be happy too.

G: I hope to make the Board more accessible to all candidates who have a passion for making a difference in the AMS. As one of the highest bodies of the Society it is imperative that we not only recruit student directors who are qualified, but who also represent the diversity of Queen’s. In my role as Vice Chair, I am dedicated to making sure that our policies and electoral processes are accessible to all members

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