June 20th, 2022

KINGSTON, ON – After several months of reviewing applications, conducting interviews, and careful deliberations, Eric Sikich, Tina Hu, and Callum Robertson have completed their hiring for the 2022-2023 AMS Senior Management. Team ETC is excited to announce the following decisions:   

President:  Eric Sikich 

Secretary of Internal Affairs:  Amir-Ali Golrokhian-Sani  

Director of Communications:  Cassie Luk  

Director of Marketing:  Niki Boytchuk-Hale 

Director of the Student Life Centre:  Hannah Fitzpatrick 

Vice President, Operations:  Tina Hu 

Tricolour Outlet Head Manager –  Phallon Melmer 

The Printing & Copy Centre  Head Manager–  Anisa Moisson 

Queen’s Student Constables  Head Manager –  Josh Bolton  

Peer Support Centre  Head Manager–  Angela Li  

Common Ground Head Manager  –  Nicole Gatzios  

Walkhome  Head Manager–  Kate Hamill  

Studio Q  Head Manager –  Peter Brickell 

Food Bank Head Manager – Sierra Gaspari 

Queen’s Journal Editor-in-Chief:  Ben Wrixon 

Vice President, University Affairs:  Callum Robertson 

Commissioner of Campus Affairs:  Nikki Onuah 

Commissioner of External Affairs:  Sahiba Gulati  

Commissioner of Social Issues:  Amaiya Walters  

Commissioner of Clubs:  Rob Hughes  

Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability:  Emily Rolph  

Government and Corporate Assistant Managers and Supervisors will be announced soon!   

Callum, Tina, and I are extremely proud to introduce you to our new Senior Management team. Each one of our team members has demonstrated a passion and drive to improve student life on campus, and with a big year ahead we are preparing to bring forward our best work. We are excited to continue facilitating training’s throughout the summer, alongside team bonding session to ensure we are building the most cohesive team possible. On a final note, we are excited to continue and improve on the work of our predecessors, all the while, enacting positive and necessary change in the coming year.” – Eric Sikich, President 

Please direct all media inquiries to Cassie Luk, AMS Director of Communications, at  communications@ams.queensu.ca  


Alma Mater Society (AMS) – //www.myams.org   

The central undergraduate student government at Queen’s University, the AMS represents over 19,500 students and is the oldest student government in Canada. There are over 1,000 student volunteers and 700 paid staff.  

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